When did you buy a PPR?

Well, the thread is titled “When did you buy a PPR?” :smiley:

Maybe slightly less likely to open it. Also - there’s no option to select “I’m actually looking for a house right now”, so it’s hard to draw a conclusion on that question. I don’t think the poll was constructed to establish how many people are looking for a house right now anyway.

Maybe a December poll for “planning to buy in 2014”, “already bought”, “no chance” etc. might be interesting.

I deliberately styled it so as to be unambiguous. You either bought or you have not bought your PPR.

If you have not bought a PPR there are two options 1. you are interested / trying to buy one but have not yet then check the “still waiting” option. or 2. If you haven’t bough and have no intention of buying then select the “I’m out option”

It’s always difficult to draw conclusions from these polls as you never know what the response rate is. It appears that almost twice as many users have bought in the last three years and are still waiting to buy.

I assume that some users that buy drift away from the pin as it becomes somewhat less relevant to them but that is a big assumption. But it might explain why the votes show an increase in Pinster buying activity over the last 3 years.

I guess I am most surprised by the low number of responses in the “I’m still waiting” option currently only 20%. That doesn’t reflect my impression of the pent up demand. Obviously all the fervent bidders active in the SCD homebuying market are not registered users of the pin.

All that said my impression that a lot of registered Pin users have bought holds true with 32 users purchasing in the last 2 yrs

Sold for about 30% more than I paid for it but mortgage was well paid down by that stage. Bought just after September 11th 2001 when prices dropped a little.

Bought this month. Currently renovating with a goal of moving in by Christmas or New Year.

Rewiring is one difficult task, but we’re nearly done…

Bought in 1988 (in the UK) sold in 2005 for nearly three times the original price but at nearly the same price when taking inflation into account.
Built a house here in 2007 and now completely out of the market.

been lurking for years… bought mid 2012. don’t regret it yet.

thanks to all posters over the last few years… have spent many hours reading opinion on here. keep it coming.

bought 2002 sold 2011.
currently my landlord is replacing an external door(un-asked) and new central heating is going in next year(un-asked). It’s good to be a tenant sometimes.
when I go home at xmas I’ll most likely be making an offer on a house at 25% below asking if it is still available. The only inducement I offer to the estate agent is that I’m not in a chain and I’m a cash buyer able to complete in days. If they don’t accept I won’t be cut up about it. At 25% below asking I’d be happy with the yield and it would/could become my retirement home down the line.

Well Done and congrats on your 1st post 8DD

Bought in Q2 2013. Took my eye off the ball (and the pin) in 2011-2012 which cost me about 60k…but hey if I hadn’t found the pin and DMcW in the first place I would have probably driven myself insane in 2005 or 2006. Thanks everyone, especially to the dedicated posters on here…

From here, who knows which way the market is going to go. Personally I feel I overpaid, but the flip side is my deposit I’d spent 10-15 years saving wasn’t exactly safe from inflation / high tax on any returns etc.

Bought first PPR in Q4 2011 in SCD. Was the right time family wise and market was quiet to enable negotiation. Rented from 1998 to 2005 (for a time with a prolific pinster!) and was abroad from 2005-2010 so wasn’t interested in buying in Ireland at the height.

thank you.


Closed on Friday, after searching since 2011. Found myself in numerous bidding wars in the notorious scd and eventually compromised by going for an apartment rather than a two bed house. So glad to be done with it for the time being, I don’t want to go through the process again anytime soon! I have to say a big thanks to the pin, indispensable advice!

Was a bear on Irish housing from about 2006, and then utterly convinced on a bus trip from Dublin to Westport at Easter 2007 as I wheeled slowly past brand-new but empty houses in counties Westmeath, Longford, Roscommon and then Mayo.

I used to squirm uncomfortably when friends told me they’d just bought properties back then when the social norm was to congratulate them. I used to tell family members to sell up holiday homes and that they’d get better value staying in a hotel but to no avail. I think I talked one out of buying an ‘investment property’ in 2008 though.

Found in the pin in 2009 and was glad of the sense. Bought finally late last year after 18 months or so of watching. I’d love to say I picked the bottom out of sheer skill but to be honest the family needs and financials only really came together in 2012 and this was when it had to be. Still the pin was invaluable (thanks all!) for giving us a steer on things like renovation costs, cryptic but remarkably accurate advice on a particular EA and to get ourselves busy bidding last year as the market started to pick up.

Price could have gone up 10% since we bought, very hard to know in the absence of precise comparators. This doesn’t please me much, in fact the opposite, no need for another generation locked out of the market. However the smiles around the office at every property price release leads me to think the national love of bricks and mortar hasn’t gone away you know!

I feel exactly the same, we bought Dec 2013, and while I’d be disappointed to see prices drop after purchasing at the same time I’m uncomfortable at house prices rising, I have children who I’d like someday that they could purchase in a sensible market.

As for the national psyche, someone (I can’t recall who) a long time ago on the pin said:

“The Irish learned nothing from the housing bubble, they just ran out of credit”

If the credit taps are ever turned on again people will trip over themselves to leverage themselves to the hilt and push prices back up again.

Hoped to close before Xmas but finally got keys last Friday. Not my first PPR but probably will be my last, now being married with 2 kids in crèche. Executor sale in SCD. Went Sale Agreed in October on the same price that houses were selling for in the same estate as Dec 2012. Have a nice long list of guy stuff to do around the house that should keep me busy for a long while… great excuse to go and buy POWER TOOLS! My wife is very happy which means I am happy! :slight_smile:

COngratulations Daithi31! may the DIY keep you busy and happy for ages…