When does spring selling season begin?

When does spring selling season or (not selling season) officially begin. I would think that its start will coinicide with with another round of price cuts. I have been monitoring clontarf, drumcondra areas closely since Christmas but there has been very little cutting recently. Do pinsters believe that this spring will see signs of capitulation?

Now. Anglo’s been nationalised. Ant destitute gobshite will qualify for a mortgage.

Paddy’s Day (I think)


I was going to say 2012 at the earliest but even that may be optimistic. :laughing:

2015? We might see an upswing then or maybe 2016… :angry:

April 2007, haven’t you noticed?

If when the goundhog comes out of its burrow, it can’t see its shadow then the spring selling season will start immediately.

If the groundhog comes out and can see its shadow then the recession will last for another 6 weeks.

Highly technical I know but the IAVI have been using this method for over three centuries :smiley:

Absence of reductions is due to gobshite EAs walking around telling everyone it’s back to happy days because ECB cut rates. I keep hearing that every time I viewed in the last 2 weeks since I started. I also hear threats that unless I made an offer soon I will lose the property I am so madly interested in (an assumption presumably made on the basis of me viewing the gaff).

Just smile kindly at them Dom.

All of you are way off !

Did you not hear Cowen stating that things will pick up this year.

No evidence of how or why but we all believe in the power of prayer. 8DD

Happy days are here again !!!

Brian Cowen makes me want to smoke crack

It doesn’t help

trust me


I think that the EAs are certainly partly responsible for the absence of reductions but if they had their way right now I think that the EAs would be happy to just be shifting properties at any price at a small commission so that they could be generating income.
It’s not all their fault.
In fairness, if I was selling I would be expecting them to work to achieve the highest price possible for me.
The Absence Of Reductions is, in my view, due mainly to factors other than the EA affecting the vendor.

The country is still in Denial in regard to property prices.
We’re in an adjustment phase and given the nature of things here this will be the longest adjustment ever. Might even take longer than the arrival of Peak Oil…

The ECB interest rate change will help to slow down the price falls. It’s going to add to the duration of the adjustment phase. There is a mentality of borrow as much as you can deeply ingrained in very much of the sub 30 year old wanting to buy market.
The mind control phrase “hurry up or you might miss it” probably brings about enough wins for the auctioneers that they will continue to use it as they feel they can. As long as there’s a sucker out there they they are going to keep dangling the bait to help them to bit. XX

The selling season starts soon but the buying season probably won’t start until 2020!

Planning to buy in the same area myself. If you see somewhere you like. Buy it. I would be pushing for a heavy discount. 30% at least.

The Neverteenth of Julember, 2018