When/how do ads from daft get removed?

Have never (and may never) had to post an ad on daft for property sale or rental, so only experience with it is as a peruser of ads.
But as an e.g., there’s a house across the road from where I’m renting that’s been sold, new owners moved in last week, showing up on the PPR and everything.
But as I write this, there is both a for sale ad on daft up, and its also showing on the sale agreed part of the site too.

Is it up to new owners to contact daft and ask these ads to be removed? Or do these ads stay up for as long as they’ve been paid for no matter what?

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks daft stats can be skewed with such stuff going on no?

So until an estate agent is asked to represent a ‘fresh’ property from somewhere to replace an older ad the older ad is likely to continue running?

On another (but related) topic, daft’s own rules state:


The last property I viewed has 3 ads on daft.

Ronan L? You around by any chance?

There are a lot of apartments for sale that break that rule. Vendor may have “a few” of the same type of apartments and have them listed under the one ad. I get the feeling that they overlook that type.

Houses aplenty breaking it too:




And that’s in 3 minutes of searching.