When Property "Values" are Demonstrably UNTRUE


We all know that certain parties hype up the market to push prices and profit but I’ve noticed something that is bordering on the ridiculous. Does anyone else have examples? These supplements and editors need to be called out on their B.S…

2017 Irish Times run a piece on Knocklyon. My wife is from there and loves it so nothing against there but the piece said Landsdowne is worth 900k. That is complete BS - they’re semi-detached and nice big enough red brick but a number of them are on an actualmain road. 900k? Not a chance. I Checked on price register and last one there had sold for 585k. A far cry from 900k… so where did that come from? I thought it was really weird and was wondering if maybe a writer there was trying to bulk up the price for some reason… And it extra confirmed cor me that the register is the best source of info and DEFO not the times or opinion pieces.

Next thing… today I see that just up the road from there now has a house for sale for 1.2 million. Have they lost their minds or is that connected to the BS piece? Knocklyon is really green and has great schools okay but 1.2 million? This is crazy.

What other people are doing this? What other areas are being talked up in a B.S. way? Papers need to be called out on this type of ****


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You think an a rated detached new build of over 3000 sq feet is grossly overpriced at 1.2m in a reasonably desirable part of Dublin ? That’s less than 400 a sq foot , what do you think it’s worth