When to buy in north county dublin or drogheada area.

Hey all im new to this site and im looking to buy a house in the not too distant future,I was thinking of waiting till early-mid 2010 to see how the market goes before I buy,I really dont wana buy something and for it to drop signifigantly in price in the space of a few months,I have a fair bit of money to put towards it so I was hoping to get a mortgage in the 100-200k(max) range,I was thinking of buying in either the balbriggan area or drogheda area or surrounding areas on both.
Any advise on wether it is a good time to buy then,what areas are good to live in,good houses for good value,anything you can think of that can help me with would be much appreciated.
Im not really sure if I should wait a bit longer to see if they drop more,Im not buyng the house as an investment im buying it to live in hopefully for good if that makes any difference.
anyway thanks in advance.

Variable interests rates may rise.
90 BILLION added to National Debt.
dole queue still rising.
rents still dropping.
enjoy the summer.
fuck this houses lark for a game of soldiers.
see where we are at in 2010, I expect German (via the IMF) will be our national language by that point .
Keeping Saving some.

“Spell correctly and use some kind of grammar. Perfect spelling and grammar aren’t expected, but it’s far easier to readers if the majority of words are spelled correctly most of time. Your message can be lost if the readers have to decipher your misspellings to get to what you wanted to say.”


To answer your questions: Maybe; Skerries; What?; Search the Pin.

There is nothing much there and the commuting, if you work in Dublin, will take its toll in 2 years time. Oh, and sooo windy too. Good if you like to play with a kite.
Any imput why some think ““over priced no one knows why”” Skerries is good?

Welcome to Grand luxury living in PREMIER SQUARE Finglas or you would love Ballymun where you can enjoy swedish dish in your red kitchen from IKEA.
Why only North Dublin; may i ask (if you don’t mind). I know these are really nice areas to live but you might have few other options in Dublin.

The main reason is my family/friends are all in balbriggan and my job is in drogheda,so to be honest id really be looking at balbriggan to drogheda and all areas in between,ie bettystown,laytown etc.
skerries is far to dear to live in anyway houses prices are way too high,the prices in balbriggan and drogheda are reasonable.

Everyone is going to tell you the same thing; wait.

There is too much going on at the moment to consider buying a house.

Wait and you will be rewarded for your patience.

Because it’s a nice place to live?

To the OP - hold off buying anything for now. As far as I can see nothing is moving in NCD and vendors have a very unrealistic idea of what their houses are worth. Prices will only go down. Rush (pardon the pun) into buying something now and you’ll regret it. Hang on to your hard-earned for at least another year.

Proper village life, with reasonable train links into the city centre. Bit more of an effort commuting wise, but worth it in my view. Reasonable choice of pubs and restaurants. Good if you are 35+ with a few kids, not much craic if you are any younger and freeer

Prices are bit more expensive as there is a very limited stock of decent 4 beds. Lots of three bed detached in Skerries Rock and Kellys Bay, but not much when you want to move up from that.

That does not explain why prices are still so ridiculously high. Interesting to compare with Malahide. Malahide appears to have experienced more of a correction (to the extent that the wife might consider it), but Skerries prices have dropped by only about 10-15%. However absolutely nothing is selling. (there are houses 3 years in the market with only 10% cuts)

Skerries had three estate agents, a new one has been set up in the last year by a former employee of the three. She has filled her windows by offering sellers unrealistic asking prices, taking stock from the other 3. This appears to have had the effect of delaying the correction by another 9 to 12mths. But it will come!!

It is fierce windy alright!!

just see below.

Untill you need to take the bus as a bridge collapsed… Fierce windy, great family outdoor… :unamused:

A friend of my wife’s just started renting a house in Bettystown. My wife visited. said it was large, well kitted out and on the beach. She’s paying €900 pm.

No doubt to buy it’d be something stupid. So rent and enjoy the high life.