When will Estate Agents start to work?

A major frustration of house hunting in Ireland is that Estate Agents are not available at the times the purchasers are available. A few agents will operate on Saturday mornings but not in the evenings and certainly not on Sundays. Some even close for lunch. Contrastingly in the UK, in spite of their generally poor reputation, agents waste no time to get you into properties at times that suit you.

So how is the poor purchaser supposed to find time to view properties except with the forebearance of their employer, or by using their valuable annual leave. What business could afford to operate at times when their customers are not available (accepting that technically the seller is the customer)?!

The answer can only be ones that operate in rising markets and where there is an operating convention. Well now that stock is not shifting, we will see if that convention starts to break- and with luck it will stay broke, even when the market lifts. For the time being any changes in practice could be an anecdotal indicator of "market change. … if they can be bothered.

Hi Jock cork.
I am an EA and a poster on AAM & the Pin (& a Bear BTW!)

I accept that some EA’s operate like this,

but the truth is that many people try to use EA’s as a ‘public service’
ie- free valuations when you have no intention of selling - therefore a waste of time - or
‘we want to see the house at 7pm on friday’ only to find out that the viewers have not even thought about getting their own house on the market - also a waste of time for us.

An experienced EA (like me) will find out this info when they talk to you on the phone and weigh up if 1) it is worth showing you because even if you like it you are nowhere near progressed enough to buy it/sign a contract and 2) waste your vendor/clients time getting the house ready for a viewing who is not in a position to buy.

I won’t get into a long drawn out argument about defending the work involved in this business - but we do a lot more than 'open doors for people on a Saturday!)

So the question is - truthfully - the house you want to see NOW, could you buy it NOW? (bridging is next to impossible etc etc)If you could - the EA has lost out and you have a oint , if not …

Most well known EA companies have let young/weak/inexperienced EA’s go recently because of the slowdown/impending crash = less sales/volume/work - there will be less inexperienced EA’s about as the ‘wind is’nt behind them’ anymore.

Good post murrayo, as always an education to see the “other” point of view.

I had more to rant on about , but I had to answer the bloody phone !! - but the person i was talking to IS A buyer !! :laughing:

Does not look good out there folks… absolutley facinating to see how stubborn and ‘in denial’ some vendors are! FFS !! There is gonna be a lot of ’ i told you so…’ going on come Dec 07 / Early 08…

Keep it up on the Pin - great site.
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I too am an EA and in a lot of cases the sellers, especially when they still ive at the house, prefer to have people viewing during the working day when the house is normally vacant. They don’t like their Saturdays or Sundays disturbed by what 9 times out of 10 are “tyre kickers”.

Granted that if they’re in a hurry to sell they will view anytime.

Also, most new homes are open for weekend and/or evening viewings.

As things tighten though, I’d expect it to be a bit more flexible.


Hi Lobby,

If I get one decent ‘buyer’ viewing a house, i’ll ring all the other tyre kickers to go in with them - makes no odds to me! If the tyre kickers cant make it - tough.

People need to understand - EA works for Vendor only. We are in work at 8.30am ish -6/ 7pm mon - fri & whatever hours arranged Sat , to earn a living! Not to guarentee that Betty up the road can have a look at the house for 4million to see what the decor is like!! :unamused:

How is business for you Lobby? Im in South Dublin…it not pretty here at all…

Just because I pesonally find that bit very interesting.! :laughing: There are a few guys on there that have brilliant insight and POV’s - then they turn out to be 25yrs old!! v. interesting IMO!

And then there’s the rest of us! :wink:

I heartily endorse murrayo’s call for more folks to visit the Introductions thread!!!


murrayo, here in Laois/Carlow/Kilkenny things are very slow. Although for some reason the last two weeks seems to have seen a bit more confidence.

Lots of unpublished layoffs on building sites though. A lot of housing sites are just finishing off whats already started.

Surely selling anything entails dealing with a certain amount of time wasters. The car trade is proliferated by tyre kickers. I think it’s fair to say that particularly over the last 5 years EA’s didn’t really have to try and sell. Often EA’s had a list of buyers waiting on the sidelines just biting at the bit to get on the ladder. Infact I’m sure watching buyers out bidding eachother proved to be hilarious to watch in a sadistic kind of way :smiling_imp:

I as a potential buyer remember having to deal with totally inept juniors who had no idea of the property they were showing. Indeed , I remember one instance where the little girl didn’t know where the boundaries of the site were and then tried to convince me that the Rofab house was in actual fact block built. A loud hand thump on the gable end soon educated her that a wigwam had more structural integrity.

Now if ye 2 guys are a couple of reputable EA’s who I haven’t met then I’m sure my comments above are misplaced. In fact , I then look forward at some stage to possibly dealing with you on a professional basis 8)

Remax in Rathfarnham have this;

• Viewings available 6 days a week
• Late appointments accommodated

on a number of their daft/myhome brochures. That’s a far cry from my experience looking at houses in Dublin. My husband and I were considering buying a house in Dublin in 2004. We had mortgage approval and a hefty deposit yet we had to show to houses whenever the estate agent chose. Once we were in the middle of a bidding war on a house and we requested a viewing with our architect (I don’t know how much more serious about buying someone can be). Yet the agent would only fit us in when it suited him, and he came with two other viewing parties.

Six months later and absolutely sick of the market in Dublin we were considering a move to London and I contacted an estate agent and told him we were considering a move to London and were interested in houses in his area. I made an appointment to see him when I was over on a shopping trip with my mum and he took us to his car and drove us all around to all the houses in our price bracket in his area. We weren’t even living in the country so had obviously no mortgage approval. He was just really lovely and couldn’t have been more accomodating, we had even interupted his lunch break. - And shortly after we did move we called him straight away and did buy our house from him.

Now now, lets not forget what primetime uncovered, “Ghostbidders” and the rest (wonder how Michael kelly Estate Agents are these days…) I the term was “pin the fuckers to the wall” i.e. the buyers. Nice Customer policy there folks.

I’m currently looking ( as per usual have a nagging feeling now is an appalling time to buy ). But when I view houses I always specify evenings or weekends. I have never seen a house that is inconvient to me. The EA’s have gone with this and I have had very few times they try and pursuade me to take an earlier time. When they do I just walk. My time or now time.

Do they have other viewers at the property at the same time? Most viewings I did in Dublin had an average of 7 other parties at the property during the viewing time.

80% of the time its been myself and the missus only. Now and again there have been the odd other person / people. Once there was a house full, It was a 3 bed terrace that had dropped 20k to 317k. Interestingly enough the house went sale agreed, but is now back on the market and is still for sale 2 months later.

iguana - I dont know when you were viewing houses or in what area, but I have viewed from inchicore upto rathcoole, but mainly in Clondalkin and always after work / evenings and as I say its very quiet.

Edit : I even went once to a saturday block viewing where the EA takes you around x amount of houses they have on the books. It was myself and another couple. The tour took about two hours with the director of the company. He seemed please to be showing anyone around, saying that seeing all the houses was a good idea, as even if we didn’t like them we might see ideas we like. As another poster said he seemed to encourage the tyre kicking.

There is no comparison between the state of the market now and 2004.
I have seen reports about viewings being down at least 50%.It’s difficult to get anybody to view a house at the moment let alone put a bid on it therefore I can’t imagine an EA turning up at a viewing with an entourage of 7 other parties.

Now if ye 2 guys are a couple of reputable EA’s who I haven’t met then I’m sure my comments above are misplaced. In fact , I then look forward at some stage to possibly dealing with you on a professional basis 8)


Man… If only you guys would learn basic html… :unamused: :smiling_imp:

Hi jonnyv,

If you are ready to buy - ie mortgage approved, serious about buying,the approach you describe is definatley the one to have.

If you are only looking,(ie;not mortgage approved,have not got your own house on the market/sale agreed etc) and the EA knows this , they would be wasting their own time to view on w/e & evenings (unless a* real* buyer was going in anyway)