Where are the cut-price short term rentals?

[Apologies in advance if this is off-topic. I wasn’t sure of the right place to post this]

I am currently living in the US and am planning to take my wife and child for a holiday in Dublin during the summer. My preference is to stay in a self-catering unit (house/apt) for a couple of weeks, rather than a hotel (I’m still in shock at their prices). Considering the pressure on the rental market and stagnant property sales, I had hoped to find a number of good deals for short term letting or holiday homes, but this isn’t the case. From what I can see, the Dublin market is still cornered by high-end ‘luxury’ rentals charging exhorbitant rates per night. There is more value to be found in holiday homes outside of Dublin, but that doesn’t suit me.

I wondered if anyone on the Pin knew of some good resources to find quality short-term / holiday rentals in Dublin? As an aside, would you expect the property crash to have a knock-impact here?

Thanks in advance!

I’m moving this to sell buy or rent.

Have you tried the daft.ie short term rentals?

Thanks - I wasn’t aware of the short-term rentals there!