Where are the empties now?

From what i have seen the apartment empties near where i work are now rented/sold.

OK I know there are many empties in all the wrong places but what empties are there in Dublin/Galway/Cork city?

You looking for a squat :wink:

Well Ben and his ilk says we can all squat. 8DD
Just have to cancel the mortgage payments and claim my 1 million

In the Dublin 14 area there is all of the Wyckham Point phase 2 empty, plus the Laurels which was emptied for safety reasons is still empty with no work being done on it.

They are two major developments in one of the bubbliest areas of the new bubble, in excess of 300 apartments between them.

There looks to be quite a few empty apartments in Sandyford/Stillorgan business park still, just beside the beacon. Although recently they have started work completing some of the skeleton apartment blocks which construction on had ceased for the past few years.

9 miles from Galway city Moycullen 21 empties within a 20min walk from me, another 6 behind the nursing home, several at Coill ard, one on the L313, a couple of sites that have never been started.

Not much different from last year really.

13 properties sold in oughterard this year - 101 for sale, several withdrawn (waiting for a rebound apparently)
18 sold in Moycullen this year - 60 for sale.

Moycullen is the only place within 12 miles of galway with multiple ghost estates though. Barna has half a one and Spiddal the one but otherwise the estates are all finished and occupied in those places. Oughterard has none that I can recall. As for Tuam or Headford …:smiley: :smiley: lets not go there. :smiley: :smiley:

These 2 Ghost estates in Moycullen were sold this year. ( there is another one across the road from the obvious one). Dunno the story with McInerneys one here and the bank has ordered a get rid rapid on this one, €30-50k cash will secure one as is and it is up to the buyers to finish the estate.

The nursing home ones are too much of an ask as there is a whole estate to finish off there. I’d say they will be lying there for years unless a housing association takes them over. The ones up the mountain are a safer bet to get to market.

here and there…

Heading towards Tallaght from the M50 there are a few unfinished blocks. I would assume that there are also empty/unfinished blocks between the square and the hospital.

Last time I looked there were hoardings around a huge block on Guild Street D1 between the IFSC and the Point.

I think most of the Grange on the Stillorgan dual carriageway is still empty.

The exact occupancy level of the apartment blocks in the Elm Park development on Merrion Road also remains a mystery - despite claims of practically 100% sale or letting there were never more than 50% lights on any even I looked.

Another 85 in Beacon about to be released, another couple in Trimleston latest phase.

The Beacon ‘appears’ to be a mainly rented out now compared to the ghost town feel 2 years ago. Cant believe they are still not fully occupied.

“Another 85 in Beacon about to be released”

To be rented out or sold? Given current market trends, my inclination is that very little will hit the sales markets, rather that most apartments will either remain empty or be rented out long-term

I hope that I am wrong!

This might be of interest, the CSO’s “The roof over our heads” report complied from Census 2011 data.

cso.ie/en/media/csoie/census … mended.pdf

Go to page 35

Blue Horseshoe

Clancy quay is slowly filling up. Only the block furtherest away from the road is 100% empty. Others vary between approx 5-70% occupancy.

thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/new … 2013_11_16

I wouldn’t demolish; Allsop Auctions have proved on multiple occassions that they can sell unfinished estates in the arse-end of nowhere.

Look at Wyckham Point now!


You have got to be shitting me.

all those modest cars in the picture are surely not the cars of people who can afford to pay 530k for an apartment in such an illustrious development as this.

Interesting, the BER quoted (100348879) is a B3 on the SEAI website and is for apartment 97, but in the ad it’s listed as B2 and its number 98.