Where can I 'park' some money


Hi guys. New user but have been reading for years.

So I am after some advice. Partner has sold an investment property and looking to buy abroad but need to ‘park’ the money for a few months somewhere safe. I am not comfortable with leaving the money sitting in a bank account, so I am thinking, german bonds? How safe do we consider that and do we think it is generally safe bearing in mind that everything carries a small risk? Anyone know of entry and exit costs and can you pick short term or is it a year minimum? If it is a year minimum I would appreciate suggestions as to other shorter term investments for a just a few months.

I am off to see how many people around here think we are going to be in the middle of the biggest economic crisis the world has ever seen in about 12 months.

Thanking you in advance for your advice.


BITCOIN :money_mouth_face:

I wanted to be first. :icon_beer:


Heh heh… No thanks


I don’t see value in anything.

Everything appears to be in bubble territory IMO, including gold and Bitcoin as well as property.

Bonds might be as good a bet as any.


There’s some interesting I and we wordplay going on there.
Decide are you I or we.
If I, fly to Vegas and blow the lot on hookers and coke.
If we, invest in Ireland, find some promising new business looking for support, then make them a dragons den style offer.