Where did the half variable MIR disappear with LTV <50%?

I recently went to AIB and asked about interest rates. It was to my surprise that AIB no longer provides half of the variable interest rate if >50% of property value is financed from your own resources.

I understand this was the case last year; however it seems this this is no longer available with AIB (as per below variable rates):

LTV >80% mortgage = 4.32%
LTV 50%-80% mortgage = 4.11%
LTV <50% mortgage = 3.9%

Would anyone know if there is any other bank in ROI which still provides mortgages for 1/2 of variable MIR if >50% of property value finances outside of mortgage (which would be approximately: 2% p.a.)?

I don’t think a bank in Ireland has ever offered this. Where did you get the information that Banks used to offer this?

‘Nein’ - Banks are recouping losses incurred by those on tracker mortgages and those who have decided that they don’t want to repay.

If you look at the UK mortgage market you will find your 2% mortgages:

That’s why property prices are double in the UK as people can (currently) afford to borrow twice as much. Luckily the banks in Ireland can’t offer that so property prices are held down.

If you look at the UK Mortgages, those 2% rates are only for first 2 years then they go up to 4%.

Bankruptcy after two years when your payments double? :angry: