Where did the money go???

Alot of talk about us people being the 2nd most indebted nation on the planet, growth of personal credit, etc… Here’s some interesting factoids courtesy of the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation.

So at least, we’re very well travelled! :wink:

I was watching some car rally over the weekend and marvelling at the cost of the cars. We have people here racing the same cars that were raced by the top rally drivers last year, each probably costing several hundred grand to operate.

Practically every car I saw was driven by or sponsored by a builder or some sort of builder provider.

Only 2nd? :open_mouth:

This is unacceptable. Who’s ahead of us? And how long will it take to catch them?

I’m thinking Thursday or Friday next week, we’ll try and make it Thursday.

Who is the most indebted? I made a thread awhile back and was unable to identify a country that was indebted as much as we are?

International Monetary Fund (see page 4) [adobe acrobat required]

Believe it or not but Ireland has the highest number of private rally cars in the world. I know a guy who runs a WRC (same a the big guys on the World Rally Circuit) It costs £360k sterling and needs an engine rebuild after every 3 rallies. Total budget to for 1 season runs to around €200k

The great pity of it is this same guy couldn’t drive nails let alone a rally car. Pure waste :unamused:

The data is form the end of 2005.

In the year 2006, we increased our consumption of credit by a stonking 30%.

So far in 2007, the increase in credit growth stands at 20%.

So fret not guys, if we’re not already number 1, we will be soon :smiley: