Where do you feel the problem lies with the AH system?

Where do you feel the problem lies with the AH system?

  • Developers
  • National Government
  • Local Government
  • The AHP
  • AH Buyers
  • There is nothing wrong with the scheme

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I’ve decided to create a Poll in the interest of clearing something up in relation to where peoples ire may lie in relation to the AH scheme.

As seen in an other topic (link below) it seems people may have the view that issues with the scheme may be with the Buyers/Developers/the AHP etc… so I would ask that people to vote on this first to give a clearer view as to who people are angry with or at in relation to this scheme.
I’ve also included an option for those who feel there is nothing wrong with the scheme.

You will be able to change your vote… and choose two options.

Feel free to give feedback and I’ll change/add the title and options if needs be.


What’s wrong with it? The entire feckin concept is ludicrous and an example of how nuts this country has become. Everything is wrong with it. There should be no need for any such thing, because ordinary people on ordinary wages should be able to afford an ordinary house over 25 years or less; and the State should provide sufficient social housing for the poor, elderly and vulnerable.

End of story.


Put that up as an option and I’ll vote for it, otherwise the poll is flawed tbh

I was thinking that since the scheme was devised by the National government that this would have been covered under the options.

Otherwise to say the whole scheme is the problem would include the buyers, developers, AHP… a tad to all encompassing I thought.

Of course if you still think it should be added as an option I’ll stick it in there.

It’s the very idea of the scheme, the very notion that some muppet in Government felt the need to dream the whole thing up to take the bad look of FF’s house-price gouging policy, the very fact that Ireland is so dysfunctional that we are even talking about such insanity.

I’m talking on a meta level here. There shouldn’t be an AHP. It is an abomination vomited from the pits of hell, and should not be able to exist in this reality. It is fundamentally wrong.

It’s the same for me… I don’t believe any such scheme should exist.
But in terms of this poll I’ll leave it out as an option.
Since the scheme was introduced by national government then it is with them the blame lies.
I don’t expect a developer to look out for me… in fact I expect them to make as much profit as they can.
What I object to is that the government through the AH scheme have decided to guarantee this profit.

Who were going to buy all these houses if people couldn’t afford them?

When the average wage is the country is €35k the idea that someone earning €50k needs an affordable housing scheme to buy a below average home is completely absurd IMO.