Where Europeans Spend the Most on Rent


We had a few threads in the past telling us how Ireland was cheap for rents in comparison to other EU members.
Thought this would be of interest.

There’s a map on the page.
If anyone can paste it here, please tell me and I’ll pop it on.


So one of the most sparsely populated country in Europe sends the second most on rent…sur tis a greatly little country!

You beat me to it. I was going post that in the other thread. :slight_smile:

You snooze you lose.


Wow! Flatvia!

just having the price in Euros doesn’t give a fair comparison, it would be better if it was compared to the median wage or a similar indicator, hamburger test perhaps.

It would also be much more useful if it showed prices in individual cities; an average across the whole of the UK, for example, is pretty meaningless.

it would also be useful if the data disaggregated social and private rented housing. The Dutch and the Danes have lots of the former so its inclusion in total rents probably artificially depresses the average and means that private renters in both these countries are probably paying significantly higher rents than their Irish counterparts,

Also be interesting to see the tax treatment and other govt costs and charges on European landlords broken down by country,Ireland would top that league I would guess.

There is a second graph in the article which looks at proportion of net income spent on rent.

Ireland does not do as well.

The research also does not make allowance service and property charges which in mainland Europe are normally paid by the occupier.

In the last few years I have learnt how much easier life as a German landlord is.

In the last few years I have learnt how much easier life as a German Tenant is to the point where I can’t see the point in buying a place of my own although I am participating in an LBS home saving scheme and subsidised loans are available from my employer to purchase.

How does it compare tax wise incl other hidden taxes etc…bet you arent being robbed blind like Irish Landlords,like this guy…doubt landlords in Germany are selling up because the taxes are killing them.

In fairness if the addition of 4% PRSI on his net rental income forces him to subsidize a property, he’s probably too leveraged to begin with. He should have been paying USC prior to 2014.

I am happy to pay tax on my profits at 52% assuming all of my costs are deductible. However they are not i.e. property tax rate is paid out of net income, only 75% of interest is deductible, acquisition costs are non allowable expenses, etc.

How much you need to earn per hour to rent a two bed apt. in every US state.

citylab.com/housing/2015/05/ … te/394142/

Why not just run as a ltd company and pay yourself a salary out of net income?

Would that salary then not just be taxed anyhow at the relevant personal income tax rates meaning that you’d more or less end up with the same result?