Where have been the artists voices in ALL of this?

In the last few years, I’ve been greatly informed - and inspired - by the Pin.

My band launch a single this Thursday in Anseo. It’s not about the housing market (it’s about being there for someone with depression
and all proceeds will go to Aware, the mental health charity) but the Pin inspired the sample at the beginning of the song.


Oh wow, just wow…I myself was writing a lot of songs before the pin existed. Wrote some in the early days vibing off the info much the way I use to like to watch TV with no sounds and strum away… but mainly a lot the words penned pre-pin seemed to sense what was coming, one song with a woeful structure but I always liked the opening lyric “in a city close to death, familiar faces short of breath”, kind of summed up what I was seeing all around me, however the following bridge kind of summed up the times for me overall, the sense of here before and here again,

I think that sums up my contributions here nicely from beginning and onwards to be honest :slight_smile:

Wrote that bridge early 2000’s in ma early 20’s and you’ve never heard it or any of them and if so I know most probably who you are. This is what it is about for me. Not a gaff as much but the cost of living and how much living there is yet to be. I’d like to have the chance to forge my own incantation to structured abode but its about about making new connections and inspiring and being inspired in return for thew world I see happening to make it so that all can enjoy this experience and that I have to some extent seen it happening around me. The wonderful thing is it is a quickening with greater life ahead of it it than the tightening grip of the dying beast. It is after all a very natural process so what all the fuss about :wink:

I walk on clouds when I see posts like the above I really do ma head went there for a moment and I got a bit gooey :astonished:

Back in 99- 2000 ish along with some buddies we wrote a song which was, for want of a better word “commissioned” by the guys up the trees at the Glen of the downs. The plan was to raise awareness of their case. It went down well at open mike nights…
Adam and Eve in the garden of Love
“Eve I dig ya baby but it aint enough
I’ve had my fill of the birds and bees, getting sick and tired of the flowers and trees
So I asked me a question of a friend as he passed, gave me the answer to the question I asked”
He said " I’ll tell you son I know what you need, In the beginning was the word and the word was Speed
you need a motorway, you need a high rise
You need a trple by-pass. You need a long black Snake in the grass…

Adam said "now I’m still confused, what’s a motorway and what’s its use?
The snake rolled his eyes and he whispered real low he said
“It’s a road to take you where you want to go” There’s something new around every bend
Drive tru Mc Donalds and a Burger king…
There are hotels, motels filling stations, All thetrappings of civilization… You need a Motorway etc

So Adam roared off in a cloud of dust, 500 horsepower of turbo trust. And when he got back from whence he came, he found that the garden wasn’t quite the same
No apple trees and no leafy bowers, just 10 sq miles of concrete towers.
Adam said “listen that wasn’t in the plan” The Snake said " don’t worry that’s progress man… You need a motorway


Here’s one artist who has captured the developers mood anyway


Nice one Open Window!!

And cool lyrics man :slight_smile:

Part of the problem with the visual arts is that most aspiring TV and film makers spend much of their time that would be best employed creatively, chasing paltry arts grants. Some friends of mine are experimenting with creating and funding stuff entirely themselves.

These recent comedy shorts reflect a lot of Pin-ish discourse: youtube.com/watch?v=JcjMnALyEyU. Any comments welcome.

I like these. Impressive considering they did it themselves.