Where to find volume of house sales in Ireland?

Is it possible to find out statistics on the number of property transactions in Ireland? Obviously volume is down at the moment but by how much? And what is a normal number of transactions per year?

The land registry should be able to produce this information, but don’t - landregistry.ie/eng/
The revenue should also be able to provide this information and don’t.
Neither does the department of the environment produce this information.

The Irish Banking Federation data should be out next week - ibf.ie/Articles.asp?article_titl … ory_id=109 which gives an idea of mortgage drawdowns, but data only goes back to 2005.

Dept. environment housing statistics data is here - environ.ie/en/Publications/S … tatistics/

As regards what’s normal in a market, that depends on the state of economy, it might be possible to interpolate based on the housing completions data since 1971, emigration, immigration, birth rate and numbers completing the leaving cert (assuming people naturally pair off to form households).

CSO census data may help as well to give long term patterns and trends - cso.ie/census/

You can get information on the amount of money drawn down for mortgages on a month-by-month basis from the Department of Finance. This won’t tell you the actual transaction volumes, but you can extrapolate the trend of activity in the property market.

ANecdotal but was speaking to an EA who I know he told me he had NO SALES for the first 3 months on the year but had 3 in April, things not good most vendors still in la la land

finance.gov.ie/ViewDoc.asp?D … atID=2&m=f

Thanks everyone. So it seems hard to answer the basic question: how many houses were sold in Ireland last year?

The IBF numbers show the volume of mortgages issued.

The numbers are:
2008 110,305
2007 158,098
2006 203,953
2005 201,260

These include top-ups and remortages that make up about half of the above numbers.

How many houses are bought without mortgages? I don’t know.

As housebuyer said, you can see the trend (08 volume around 50% of 06 volume)

I heard some commentator on radio yesterday morning analyise the Stamp Duty figures.

Basically the stamp duty returns are an indication of the extent of the decline in sales. Perhaps he was taking an average price, dividing it into total duty paid and getting a figure. Sorry I can’t tell you more clearly who was talking and what exactly he said, but he had a point! :slight_smile:

Working off the PPR data and accepting that the set is not 100% accurate, here are the numbers of properties registered as sold for 2010, 2011, 2012 and up to Q3 of 2013 for both the overall national and Dublin only numbers.

2010 | …Q1…| …Q2… | …Q3…| …Q4…| Total
Natl. | 4,217 | 5,146 | 5,936 | 5,585 | 20,884
Dub. | 1,427 | 1,805 | 1,997 | 1,681 | 6,910

2011 | …Q1…| …Q2… | …Q3…| …Q4…| Total
Natl. | 3,473 | 4,095 | 4,942 | 5,742 | 18,252
Dub. | 1,066 | 1,248 | 1,660 | 1,884 | 5,858

2012 | …Q1…| …Q2… | …Q3…| …Q4…| Total
Natl. | 4,229 | 5,347 | 6,360 | 9,155 | 25,091
Dub. | 1,416 | 1,935 | 2,315 | 3,151 | 8,817

2013 | …Q1…| …Q2… | …Q3…| …Q4…| Total
Natl. | 4,828 | 6,148 | 7,556 | TBD | 18,531
Dub. | 1,563 | 2,028 | 2,726 | TBD | 6,317

Blue Horseshoe

I know there is a discontinuity between the IBF numbers and the PPR numbers. All the same, it makes interesting reading.

In a few more years, we will have enough PPR data (even with its obvious errors) to be able to discuss like-for-like trends.