where to stash the cash

Parents have around 200k in savings as father recently retired from public sector job and want to invest in the NTMA savings bonds but i think they should diversify their exposure to the Irish state. The father gets 35k a year from his pension (he’s aged 58) and my mother will get half that for rest life if he dies first. If the state defaulted or we left the euro, I beleive that the amount owed to my parents from their holding of state bonds would be in jepordy and they may only get 50 cent in the euro or something. Anyway whats the best and most cost effective way to get 200k into foreign deposit a/c or safe foreign bonds. Cheers.
PS Capital preservation is the priority and a little interest if attainable.

Setting uo a foreign bank a/c is one thing, but provided it’s in the eurozone it will cost next to nothing to send the money to it electronically. Where and how to set one up is for someone else to advise on.

Discussed already. See: