Where's the beef - bulls' blogs

Does anyone have any links for bulls’ blogs? I’m worried the blogs I’m reading are overwhelmingly negative and that I’m travelling down a cul-de-sac.

Of course, it could be that they are right and it is the EOTWAWKI, but I’d like to be able to cheer myself up occasionally, even if it is with only a good laugh!

Sorry - nope. This is a bearish site - you are not allowed to be optimistic here. :laughing:

Even the most bullish of the bulls know the game is up at this stage - the guff has moved on from “soft landing” to “correction which was needed but of course we’ll see an upturn by the end of the year yada yada yada…” :unamused:


Travel up a cul de sac instead. There are many many blogs shilling Gold and Platinum on the net 8) . The future is so rosy .


These guys are fairly bullish. Kind of like an Australian version of AAM.

Few people sweating in there over interest rates atm. Mortgage rates now over 9% and heading north :astonished: