Which is the best option

All things considered…

For young family with 2 or 3 kids…

And assuming you work in the city centre and have no family ties in any particular suburb…

Which of these do you think is the best option, assuming that they all sell for the same price (of circa €400k)…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/2188259

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 15/2190899

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2189592

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2180701

I’ve lived in Clontarf, Castleknock and Harold’s Cross near enough the other two. Based on location alone and without examining the houses in detail even though it’s terraced I’d like option A please.

Different strokes for different folks though. I’d say you’re going to get a wide spread of answers.

Based on the specific houses you’ve posted, for me it would be B. Particularly with kids.

You have side access and a ready made playroom to the side. Lovely house.

You also have room to expand over the side room if your 2 kids become 3… or 4… or… 5!


Commuting in B would be a BIG problem if you work in the city. if you are a regular 9 and 5 person, you have no energy to talk to your kids after spending two hours on the road and 8 hours in the office. School is another issue. To enter the secondary school, you need to live in the catchment area for 12 years.

Definitely not D!

But its a much larger house with a bigger garden and side entrance…hence …all things considered…

Thanks for answers, interesting to get the opinions.

School is another problem as well. If you are a person who put much thoughts about kids education, the secondary school is a big issue in this area as well. The best Community School is 5 minutes walk to this house, but you need to live in the catchment area for 12 years in order to get into this school. There is a new secondary school also 10 minutes walk but only 4 years around and it is not clear about the school reputation.
There are two private schools in the area but NOT MIXED school.

Clontarf, all things considered.

DOnt see how they could possibly police that.

If you’d been renting in the area 12 years, how would you prove it?

I also wonder if this would stand up in a European court if a case was taken on the basis of restricting freedom of movement etc.

e.g. something from your GP to prove your registered with them 12 years ago.
This has been going on for the last few years. All parents are stressful with this but that is the reality. There is a terrible shortage of secondary school in the whole D 15 area. We have not in this area for long enough so I have no clue where I am going to send my girls in a few years time. I have just registered my daughter in a private girl school and paid 100 euros for applications although I prefer a mixed school. But I am not guaranteed a place.

Wow…its all outlined here.

riverwoodres.com/wp-content/ … y-2013.doc

Jasus, as if there werent enough headwrecks out there.

Whats wrong with Luttrellstown college?

Interesting. I’m looking at the same areas. I have no family ties either, I work in town. I have no kids yet but I am factoring schools in my search. I’m trying to balance house size, garden, schools & commute so I’m using hittheroad.ie a lot to approximately calculate the commute.

A, is probably my pick of this list. The green in front, it’s commute and there is a few local national schools that get good recommendations e.g. Greenlanes and it’s a 700m walk.

I would never rate B, the commute is just too far to town. You may as well buy a mansion in Virgina.

C, I don’t know the area but I have heard the commute through Terenure to town is awful.

Although most people won’t like D, I wouldn’t discount it so quickly as one of the feeder schools to the best Gaelscoils in the country are a 20min walk away (in Ranelagh). Not to mention how you’d have little commuting costs.

Just my two cents…

Interesting q.
A - great area, though is there public transport into town or would it be car based? unfortunately the house is ug-lee, and would need money to renovate it a bit.
B- too far from town, so would never consider it. Commute would be a nightmare, comments about schools above would be the clincher.
C - Grand I s’pose, don’t know the area, but again a bit far out. How are transport links?
D - Hate the open plan for a family, also the lack of garden. Partner would like the fact its a redbrick, apart from the crap bay window. Think I would like to live in Portobello though - what are other people’s issues with it?

Just on the commute…

I dont think its 2 hours. My guess is that 1 hour at rush hour would get you from here to town. In addition there is a rail link through Castleknock.

I think the two hours was round trip?

D8 is a kip.

Clontarf is still quite pricey for what you get.

Luttrellstown. Dont even get me started on D15.

The Rathfarnham one is prob the best option, all things considered.

Apologies, I misread it.

A 1 hour commute is not unusual in Dublin though.

I dont think the commute from Rathfarnham would be much better.

Depends on your perspective.

Personally I would pick

  1. D
  2. A
  3. C

and would never in a million years consider living anywhere like B.

Perspective is from point of view of young family, with parent (s) working in town.

Why would you not consider B…?

Given that…

Its rail connected.
Its the biggest house.
It has the biggest garden.
Its a safe middle class area.
Its close to the phoenix park.
Schools issue is up in the air, but the applies pretty much everywhere.

Whats not to like to the extent that means you wouldnt even consider it.