Which is the correct address?

Hi Folks,

I have recently purchased an apartment in Dublin 8. The address found on the contract for sale, LPT system and the Anpost address checker is slightly different.

Along with the Apartment number and the Building name,
*‘Dean street’ and ‘The Coombe’ both added on the contract for sale
Just ‘Dean street’ added on the LPT system
Just ‘The Coombe’ added on the Anpost address checker against the EIR CODE

Just confused which one to use for Revenue, Bank, License, Water, Electricity etc. I’d like to see my address consistent in all the systems. But not sure which one to choose and which one is correct.

Could anyone assist me on this please?


There is no “correct”. Are you new here? :smiley:

I would use the Eircode address on the basis that (a) it’s shorter, (b) should companies start doing address cleaning using Eircode databases, your address data won’t change.

The road I live on has at least four designations: one number and three names. None of the names appear on Google maps.

At least you have a house number :smiley:

Dean St? my favourite part of NOWPOO (north west Portobello) 8) or is it West And North of Kevin Street :open_mouth:

Thanks for the reply folks. Looking at your response there is no surprise the address is not consistent :slight_smile:

I know I may not be able to change the address on the sale deed. However, Can I change the address in the LPT system to match the EIRcode address ? Would there be any issues in future because of address change ?

I can’t imagine that Revenue will change your address for LPT purposes to satisfy a need for consistency! I say accept the inconsistencies, where necessary, and use the Eircode address for utilities, banks, deliveries, etc. where you have a choice.

Eircode in Revenue is just an attribute of the property, not a unique identifier for them as such.
The internal id’s are uniquely identifying a “taxable unit” (like a person, company, or property) - these ID’s are so ingrained in their systems that they “never” replace it with the Eircode.