Which streets in Crumlin/Kimmage/Kilmainham/Inchicore?

Ok, this might be a very broad search area, but these are the areas that I think I can afford at the moment. Not my preferred areas, but the way things have gone the last 3 houses we have offered on, these are the options I’m left with!
Could anybody recommend which streets are the safest/most desirable? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m at my wits end!!

There is a crumlin thread floating around the pin but I would have it as bottom of the list. Ceannt fort is a nice area but there isn’t parking room for a bicycle there. Kilmainham, kimmage and parts of inchicore would be my preference. What is the budget and priorities.

If you are at you wits end regarding the decision you can be bounced into something you dont want.

If you want to get a feel for an area, walk it or cycle, you will always notice the small details you would miss otherwise.

It’s all a bit broad, Reamie, best to zero in on a few on particular streets, do the walkabout and night watch on each - plus a good old Google and Planning Online search session.
Shortlist to two max and then seek Pinster prejudice!
Anyway, I am sure all those mouthy Anglo wankybankers lived on lovely roads, might not be as character-forming as you think!

Thanks carrot and stick, that’s the plan, to narrow it down to a couple of roads, it’s just hard to know what streets are ok! I think we’re going to focus on Inchicore and Kilmainham.

And Tis Meself, I agree completely, those Anglo wankybankers really lower the tone of a place!!

I was looking at these, opinions?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2533574

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/1618438

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2341678

Was talking to a former colleague at the end of last week. He overestimated the civility of the locals in Crumlin.

Ah come on. Don’t titillate us like that!

You can’t leave it at that Dipole!!

Was he … probed?

Why don’t you buy in an area you actually want to live in ?

Because I can’t afford it…I’ve been living in Dublin for almost 10 years, I love where I am but to buy anything here seems to be impossible. I’m looking in other areas not by choice but out of necessity.

Of the areas identified, the one I know the pretty well is the D12 bit of Kimmage. The roads I’d consider good are Devenish Road, Blarney Park / Tonguefield Road, Clonfert Road and Kilfenora Road. All quiet settled roads without much through-traffic. Stannaway’s fairly ok but the road is much busier.

I’ve a colleague living on Glenealy Road in Crumlin - another generally quiet and very neighbourly road from her description (she’s lived there for 30 years or so), but a bit of flood risk there: they weren’t flooded in 2011 but it was very close.

Plenty of amenities in the area and walkable to town.

There are other roads nearby I’d consider, depending on which exact bit, some I’m just not sure about, and a few I wouldn’t dream of.

Good luck with your search, wherever you decide to focus on.

Thanks Lefay,
I’m going to have a look at one on Kilfenora and Devenish, I went for a drive out that way last night, seemed quiet around there, I’m also going to see one on Bulfin Road in Inchicore.
The main thing is kids are not on the agenda for the next few years, so it’ll just be two of us.

I’m in the Core, so I can comment on the first two. I’ve no idea what the area in Kimmage is like, but I’d second other comments on taking a stroll down there at night. If it’s real exciting, you mightn’t even need to wait until it’s dark*.

The Bulfin Estate is fine, it’s a good, working-class Dublin estate. The streets down towards Connolly Avenue seems to have had more changeover in the last few years, so you’ve got younger families, who have tended to renovate and extend the houses. I like that. I don’t see anything preventing that happening on the other roads in the area though - I get the impression that all you need is a couple of families to kick off a bit of painting / tidying up, then the majority of the neighbours pile in to keep up. The Bulfin Road feeds onto the South Circular, so you get a bit of through traffic there. Nearest head-the-balls are the other side of Emmet Rd, opposite the CFE.

Kilmainham Lane is a great location, and has a nice feel to it. The house you’ve listed is much prettier than the previous one, but tiny. I’m in a similar position to yourself, with there only being the two of us, with kids miles off, but I reckon that that house might even be a bit small for two, depending on how far your personal auras extend. I reckon it’s small enough that you mightn’t even be able to keep a cat in there. If size isn’t an issue, then it would be worth a look. Other possible issues: can’t extend, parking, midges, hipsters.

Edit: Forgot to mention: you’ll have the Royal Oak as your local. That easily counterbalances the midges and hipsters.

*In my innocence, I went to view a house in McKee Park, off Blackhorse Avenue once. The house was pretty good (really nice extension), but as we walked out the front door, a car pulled up screeching in front of another house further down the street. A bunch of lads piled out with hurls, and had an animated discussion with a potential future neighbour. The rest of the potential future neighbours all came out to their front gardens for a look-see. Beats television. I pitied the poor EA.

I’d recommend Perrystown in d12. It’s a great area sandwiched between kimmage and walkinstown. It’s very settled and the houses are solid with a v high percentage of owner occupiers. You couldn’t go wrong there. I spent 5 v happy years living in that area

CIE works in Inchicore is probably the best location in that area. Can be a bit pricey tho. Kilmainham and Inchicore have close access to Luas which is a plus.

I am more familiar with Drimnagh/Crumlin having lived there for a few years some time back.

The further north/east you go in Crumlin the quieter/nicer it seems to be. Around Windmill Road/Captain’s Road, it feels a bit rougher. Most people seem to be calling the area around Bangor Circle “Kimmage” by now as it seems pretty settled. Some streets beginning with C had something of a name for criminality.

In Drimnagh, the area to the west of the hospital (Associated Properties) and even more so, the next road over (behind the pitch and putt course) is extremely settled and quiet. The houses and gardens are a bit small but if you want a quiet life take a look.

Hybreasal in Kilmainham looked lovely, the streets just off the SCR (Kilmainham end of Inchicore?) also seemed nice (lots of old people with well tended gardens), Inchicore seemed to have a real buzz about it during the day but maybe that was just traffic, the flats beside the canal… not so much.

HSQ flats are nice and very close to IMMA/memorial gardens for walks in the park.

Agreed - Greentrees road, Limekiln, Whitehall road, daingean, Muckross and Rockwell are all great areas to live in - also Cromwellsfort road and the areas off that are solid too.

Yeah it’s a nice area. The 15A bus route can be a pain though if it’s needed for commuting to work.

The 19 is more frequent and about 5/10 min walk to Peter’s or Cromwellsfort depending where you are - Walkinstown Cross has 27 and 77 routes.
Still, cannot beat the convenience of the Luas from Drimnagh or Inchicore.

Hadn’t considered Perrystown , I’ll have to have a good look around there. I was shocked when I rang Felicity Fox RE Bulfin Road, myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2533574
I was told the offer was currently €217,000!! Shocker!