Which streets in Crumlin/Kimmage/Kilmainham/Inchicore?

It sounds like you’re spoiled for choice if you are to go by the testimonials given on this thread.
How much do you want to spend?

Apologies – this is slightly OT, but does anyone think these sort of threads (several of which I have participated in myself, and at least one of which I started) actually drive prices up in certain areas? Watch now as the interest in Perrystown, which has been mentioned a couple of times on this site recently, suddenly picks up…
I have nothing to back this up other than a sinking feeling…
Possibly this needs a thread all of its own.

also, 217 for that house on Bulfin Road. The madness has definitely returned. XX

Agreed, that’s a bonkers price for that location imho.

Well Ivor Lot, I do not have a lot!! I’m in the 170-200 range, depending on work that needs doing, so squeezed out of a lot of areas. I had thought the Bulfin Road house would definitely still be in my price range, it really threw me to hear that it was at €217,000. I’m back to the drawing board for now, and going to keep a sharp eye around a few areas I hadn’t considered previously.

Bonkers indeed. 34 Bulfin road sold for 148k earlier this year! myhome.ie/priceregister/34-b … in-8-70513

I know!!! And number 82, which was much bigger and an end of terrace sold last year for €130,000.
myhome.ie/priceregister/82-b … blin-8-841
I completely have the fear…the fear I’m completely priced out yet again!!


I am also in a state of disbelief. Somebody somewhere, please tell me this is not going to continue…WTF!

Bulfin Estate in Inchicore, as has been mentioned, also nearby New Ireland Road/Portmahon Drive/Uppercross Rd in Rialto is a brilliant spot.

Thanks for that, I think I’ll go for a drive around New Ireland Road during the week, I 'm not really familiar with the area! I loved bulfin road and the ease of access to the N4, so I’m going to keep an eye out around there too!

While it is on the same road, it is not the same type of house (2 bed), and is overlooked by the school behind.

I viewed that house, it is suffering from subsidence and needs underpinning, and its condition was pretty poor. Two houses that sold on Kickham Road (just off Bulfin Road) in January last year - 28 went for 185k, 26 went for 115k. Both the same type of house almost beside each other, but very different conditions.