Which would you rather buy...

Which would you rather buy? (See post for details)

  • Two Bed D4 Apartment
  • Three Bed D4 House

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A two bed apartment in Dublin 4 for €850,000?

Or a three bed end of terrace house in a (possibly nicer?) part of D4 for €875,000?

Granted, both are still inflated prices - but why on earth would anyone buy the apartment (and hefty management fees) over the house?

Just for the sake of argument:

Apartment does not detail square footage.

House in need of some small cosmetic attention.

House requires garden maintenance.

Apartment is closer walking distance to town.

But in essence, I get what you are on about!

I suppose the similar pricing made sense when purchasers of the apartment were avoiding 9% in stamp duty, which made the effective price of the house substantially higher. With that gone for FTBs the advantage swings to the house.

The house costs €870k and you think an FTB can afford €870k .

Could you maybe pick a house and apartment in Balbriggan and not in D4

JCSMITH> I agree with you. However, have you ever walked down Eg Tce? It’s not Eg Road by any stretch of the…Also, a lot of development work at D’Brook Rugby Grounds - approx 30 Mtrs from front gate! At present a horrible corrugated green fence to look at from your living room window…

Believe it or not, I know FTBs who have bought around that price in this area. Granted they’re not your average FTBs!