Whispering Winds, Coolkenno, Tullow, Co. Carlow(-35k,-32%)

Found using the property bee.

was ‘Region €425,000’:
Google Cache Link

now ‘Region €390,000’:

Was 360k, 340k

Now 290k

Looks like Daft reusing old link, not the same property.

This is pic for the old daft ID 347073
images2.daft.ie/sale/340000/3470 … s5(600x450.jpeg

This is the pic for new daft ID 355748
images3.daft.ie/sale/350000/3557 … s5(600x450.jpeg

They look the same to me, and the house names match?

Your absolutely right mambo, I should know better than to question you!, sorry about that.
The property description threw me:-

Original one is :- Whispering Winds, Coolkenno, Tullow, Co. Carlow
New one - Whispering Winds, Coolkenno, Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow .

It seems this house moved county (living in Wicklow I scour daft Wickla properties for bargains and this didn’t ring any bells).

Lets blame the VI’s and shake hands on this, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even notice the change of county :frowning: