Whistleblowers' hotline to be manned by solicitors

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Solicitors to man whistleblowers’ corruption hotline, according to Irish Examiner

Interesting that it’s supported by the European Commission. It might just work. The Irish State has a long and infamous history of beating up whistleblowers and subverting any effort to let light shine on the murky goings on in this ‘republic’, - political, corporate or judicial.

There are far to many examples to list, but it is usually a journalist who gets dragged through the courts when a scandal breaks. Remember the Centre for Public Inquiry, anyone?

Jeez this is new ?

Sounds like many a regular day at the office over the last couple of years !

Most of the corruption in Ireland is legal so theres no point in reporting it.

FF cronies know the most effective way to steal money is by legalised theft. Just pay your whores in the Dail to create an entitlement for you, award you a state contract, or create some nice regulations that put your competitors out of business.

It may be legal on its face, but if that law was procured by corruption then its proceeds become illegal. Equally such a corrupt piece of legislation could cause the people who brought it in to be prosecuted.

Legislation can be purchased. Corporate donations are the means. Thats why I call them “legalised bribery”. You can get any piece of legislation you want passed if you make big enough corporate donation to FF or the now deceased PDs.

Why steal when you can pay politicians a legal bribe to make your theft legal. “Whisleblowers” can blow all they want. The state coffers will continue to be looted by big business and public sector unions, because the looting is all legal.

And what I’m saying is that if you have any proof that money was paid to have legislation passed then that money can be seized and those involved can be prosecuted. Unlikely of course to happen, but the law is there to prevent it.

Well so long as there’s a provision in our precious legal system, that’s ok then.

Interesting quote - but do you have any proof?
I mean, I believe that the PDs were corrupt from their inception. After all, weren’t they set up by a failed FF politician who saw no future for himself in the organisation? Then there was the sense of entitlement they all had - the idea that people (but in reality the well off and the wealthy) “should keep what they earned” i.e. not have to pay taxes, thus all the tax breaks for those with extra cash. Now it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that they went some steps further, but for me it was their whole ideology that was corrupt from the word go.

Why would you need proof? Nobody denies that corporate donations fund the political parties. Its public knowledge. Do you think they just give that money out without getting something in return? Thats just not credible. Nobody gives free money without getting something in return.

I’m specifically interested in the PDs and corruption. As I said, I believe that they were totally corrupt in their ideology, leading them to make legally correct decisions, but morally corrupt ones. e.g. Mary Harney’s free use of a villa in S. France, using a government helicopter to get to an off-licence opening; I’m sure people could come up with a lot worse, but those two caused a lot of talk among the chattering classes.
I have never heard of them as targets for brown envelopes, though - has anyone else?.

Why would anyone give a brown envelope when they can give a legal corporate donation.

Brown envelopes are for county councillors. Dail corruption doesnt use brown envelopes, because it doesnt need to. Cash donations to political parties are legal and done in the open.

Exactly something like this was needed…


Feck, I was wondering where I left that. :-GC