White Collar Crime V's Blue Collar Crime

**Example 1 **
Lynn makes off with 50million, defrauds a number of banks etc …etc
Review by a self regulating society
Token slap on wrists
No arrests
Recieves bail skips country
Finance companys search house months later, discover ALL items of value are gone.
3 months to appoint investigator
3 months for Guards to get on the case

Stephens Green bank raid, Tiger kidnapping
Within 24 hours
12 Search Warrants
10 Arrested
some monies found
bail refused for money launderer (NB not one of the raiders)

**Example 2 **
Sean Fitxpatrick
100Million + in suspect loans
suspected corporate Fraud etc ,etc
investigation after 6 moths of discussion and debate
Tax payers will fund bailout of his bank to the tune of 1 billion plus
Spends the weekend playing Golf in The Druids Glen

Career Burgular (repeat offender, multiple offences , addict also)
Returns a wedding ring to his victims who were neighbours, out of remorse
Detective Garda Michael Fitzgerald that when the accused is not on drugs he “really does his best for his family”.
4 Children
Recieves 4 Years

Rage and anger prevent me from further comment at this point in time.

Well, as long as your point is that they should all be treated equally harshly and not that we should have Tiger Raiders and burglars with 138 convictions all swanning around the place untouched by the Guards, then I’m with you.

As an aside, Michael Lynn wasn’t given bail, nor were criminal charges laid against him. So he didn’t skip the country as such, and equally that is why they can’t have him returned (because no criminal charges).

I agree that we should have a lot more prosecutions for high end fraud and white collar crime, and I’m not just saying that because it means more criminal trials (well, mostly I am, but also it’s good for society).

But the distinction white collar and blue collar is misleading. It’s not a class thing, it’s simply a matter of us not having an investigative body who are capable of taking on the really big frauds like they have in the US. CAB is the nearest we have to such a body, but investigating corporate fraud is beyond CAB’s remit. We need another high end fraud squad, that is fully staffed and equipped (yes, that means paying gardai overtime).

Also, the two examples of blue collar crime you give are of a violent attack and a recedivist burglar. Not exactly stealing bread to feed their families.

I call bullshit

it is a class thing, white collar crime such as mortgage fraud, tax fraud, corruption, planning violation, bribery is so endemic to the major Political party and to the business culture of this country that it has never been prosecuted due to a lack of political will and the leniancy of the courts. the bailey brothers are still walking free, lowry did no time, dunne did no time, haughey did no time.

It is definitely a class thing,
You are more likely to go to jail for not having a television licence than for bribing a counciller in this country and it is definitely a class issue.

right wing judiciary and a right wing party in FF see white collar criminals as not criminals and hardly see fraud as a real crime at all.
Gallagher in the seventies did no time here, people who comit white collar fraud in Ireland do fuck all jail.

Biggest penalty for financial crime in history of state but no jail time

breaching market rules is a nice way to put it isn’t it? like wearing your golf spikes in the club house or something. Actually thats probably seen as closer to a criminal act to most of these lads.

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So is burglary still burglary, or should we now just call the cops to report a breach of home ownership?