Whitescross, Leopardstown Road, Foxrock (-2330k, -77.7%)



-900k or -30% in total.

Now 1.8m

At 1.8m it is reduced for a quick sale! I just rang missus to raid our daughter’s piggy bank. Hurry my love!! :smiley:

Another €110,000 off - Now €1,690,000


There is a ‘0’ missing in the reduction figure for the place to start looking like good value.

The vendor’s probably realized the interior was subjected to mockery so now there’s only one photo of the front of this architectural treasure. This was most likely to hide the fact that at least 100000k should go into the interior to drag it kicking and screaming into the 90’s never mind thee 21st century.

… bit like the first day of the January sale at BTs? Will I need to bring a sleeping bag?

Shocking how difficult some people find it to accept the new reality… Sorry, there’s no one queuing up to buy ugly houses in need of massive renovation at silly prices. That train left the station in the middle of 2006…

But, but…it’s Foxrock! :wink:

Amazing…In 06 some "savvy " investor would have gobbled that up for 3mln. The .33 acre development potential etc

The soft landing brigade told us it would never happen.
Dropping like a stone.
Many of us normal heads don’t appreciate how much money many of those who were the richest in the country have lost.

Accountants and advisors had everybody leveraged to the gills, massive losses on Bank shares uk commercial property, own business, us stock exhange, spanish villas.

even many of the people who thought they had cash salted away… don’t …

South Dublin mansions will suffer the greatest losses

Now 1.52m

Picked up by property vultures.

53% (or 50% based on the daft ad’s 2006 valuation). That is, asking price reduced by half and still not selling.

Is this the first Dublin trophy home to come down more than 50%? If so, it’s a moment to sit up and take note. Time to crack open the, um, barrys tea.

The obsession and fixation on 06 prices is annoying at this stage - when will people realise that those days and numbers are GONE!!!

Trophy home !!!

How long before this is advertised at under a million?

I wonder if they put a few quid into doing it up would it sell any quicker?

The point is to measure how far gone they are!

Couldn’t believe that either. More like a wooden spoon.


Utter rubbish. I will probably bid 200k to house my hoards of greyhounds! BD

I thought you were taking the pi$$ until I read the blurb… :open_mouth:

Perhaps a seperate thread should be started in the main forums describing what posters consider trophy or diplomatic style houses? Everyone has their own tastes. I wouldn’t consider this example to be one.