Who are Coral Purchasing (Ireland) Limited?

And how much did they get from AIG?
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Notional Collateral Negative MtM 25454VAA7 CORAL Purchasing (Ireland) Limited DGCDO 2005-1A Al $201,073,213 $123.056.806 $143447393 36868AAC6 CORAL Purchasing (Ireland) Limited GEMST 2005-3A A2 $114,927,319 $62,152,694 $66,825,913 36868BAA8 CORAL Purchasing (Ireland) Limited GEMST 2005-4A A1 $281,773,877 $196,959,940 $199,519,096 45377TAA4 CORAL Purchasing (Ireland) Limited INDE6 6A Al $175,476,508 $110,987,307 $116,174,967 48205MAA1 CORAL Purchasing (Ireland) Limited JPTR 2004-1A AlA $126,231,914 $20,171,860 $57,953,725 722694AA4 CORAL Purchasing (Ireland) Limited PINEM 2005-A Al $199,847,062 $131,899,061 $135,370,991 ,8E 005AA3.-- CORAL Purchasing (Ireland) Limited TRIAX 2006-1A A1 $347 159 130 $82,320,000 $125,330,250 896008AA7 CORAL Purchasing (Ireland) 2 Limited TRIAX 2006-2A AlA $348,638,446 $90,720,000 $148,397,513

Never heard of them…

solocheck.ie/FreeIrishCompan … G+(IRELAND+LIMITED

It look like a zero capital shell company owned by DZ Bank dzbank.com/

Here is a list (in German) of DZ Banks vehicles…


(The URL downlaods the PDF incorrectly so you’ll have to edit the jsp file suffix to .PDF to read it)