Who is asking TDs to ask NAMA to extend a nature reserve?


Gilmore asked Nama to buy back plush Booterstown site - -> independent.ie/business/iris … 04068.html

Who would that be? -> antaisce.org/property


One strong candidate would be a person with a strong conservation record and who is acknowledged as having successfully lobbied to save at least one other cultural site locally.


Another strong candidate would be the developer who bought the property and has not been able to swap it for the better-zoned land owned by the tennis club on Green Road. So he’s now sitting on land of dubious value.


I thought it was an offence to lobby NAMA?


Didn’t they set up an official channel for the pols?


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To be fair, if the site in question is next to the nature reserve, it’s only ever one high spring tide and strong easterly away from being a wetland itself. A park/nature reserve/environmental educational site is probably all it’s really fit for. The number of people along the Sandymount and Booterstown coast with flood gates and sandbags in their drives can be alarming at times.


As per Baldy "As the Deputy is aware, NAMA operates a dedicated email address, , to enable TDs and Senators to raise any matter directly with the Agency. "



For some reason KildareStreet strips the email from their copy of the transcript. The official transcript shows the email, oir@nama.ie

oireachtasdebates.oireachtas.ie/ … endocument


A viable FOI target?