Who is Irelands main trading partner

No, the eurozone is. The UK is second.

Don’t start bringing reality into it! :smiling_imp:

That’s the trouble with reality, it’s taken far too seriously…

Stand corrected, I always thought it was the UK.

Is it the single biggest market in terms of an individual country that we do business with then?

Edit - CSO (cso.ie/statistics/botmaintrpartners.htm) for 2008 goes like this:

Main Trading Partners - 2008 €m


Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Other EU Countries


Rest of World




Would some of that not be skewed by our “services” exports?

Also apologies to tdaly

Yes. When you combine imports and exports.

Pretty soon that’ll be whoever is lending us most money :open_mouth:

Given the role domestic consumption played in the last few years I just assumed that Ireland was Irelands only major trading partner.
Guess we really are all just a bunch of w***ers 8)

What are the numbers like when you factor out Belgium?

Belgium trading patterns are, well, mysterious.

Stuff is just shipped to Belgium for distribution on to other Countries,it does’nt mean the Belgians are buying all our stuff.Pity they dont aknowledge final destinations on exports, maybe its because their a lazy shower of bastards.Come to think of it ,its nearly impossible to get accurate information about anything in Ireland ,its like as if were still trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the British.Someone needs to tell all these agencies that the British fucked off years ago,and were only codding ourselves now.On the other hand maybe were trying to cod the EU so we qualify for more handouts,or dodge quotas etc. I mean do fishermen really land some of their catch in Norway to avoid quotas???No accountability thats what always fucks us up in the end… 8DD .Ah fuck the whole lot Im off to Australia.