Who is Michael Deeny?

Michael Deeny - ROISIN BURKE -> independent.ie/business/mich … 34453.html

Wow, what a CV…

Clearly time to update mine:
“While at xxx, I crashed the production system resulting in the loss of two days business transactions, grounding two-hundred flights and cancelling 80,000 passenger journeys at 400 euro a pop compensation”.

“Previously at yyy, I redesigned the data backup system. When we had the inevitable disaster and went to restore the system, there were only negative numbers stored in the data x’FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF’…”

“I am the perfect person for the supervision of the IT systems for the Irish nuclear facility…”

Yogi , You are not seeing the big picture . To be taken as a player you would need to cripple the worlds airline system for a day resulting in thousands of billions of Euro in damages and then seek a government bailout .

I’m wrking on that one, it’s my current project…

In a nutshell! :laughing:

A related question
What is compliance?

Is it just a department that bankers and regulators concocted 15 years ago to pretend there’s internal oversight occurring?

Another one

What was the purpose of internal audits in banks?

’ Compliance ’ and ’ Internernal Audits ’ are terms that regulators like to hear from bankers while being wined and dined in Michelin starred restaurants .