Who or What will liberate Ireland from the clutches of Ukraine?

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New temporary EU rules ensure that people fleeing Ukraine and living in Ireland under temporary protection can continue to use their Ukrainian driving licence. They won’t have to exchange it for an EU driving licence or sit a driving test. Professional truck and bus drivers with qualifications obtained in Ukraine, will be temporarily recognised in the EU following a training course and any checks, as required.

Поради для українських водіїв

Always interesting to see the articles where they change the headline.
Here from:

“Government targets 20,000 holiday homes in new appeal to house Ukrainian refugees”


" Some 20,000 holiday homes sought in latest drive to house Ukrainian refugees"

Hope that makes holiday home owners feel less targetted…

Original edit of the article is archived at: Government targets 20,000 holiday homes in new appeal to house Ukrainian refugees – The Irish Times


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The Monaco Battalion

While Ukraine has undergone a general mobilization affecting all men under the age of 60, many former and current high-ranking officials, politicians, businessmen, and oligarchs have moved to safety abroad - mainly to the EU.

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