Who Owns Dublin?

Came across this suggestion at creativeireland.com (thanks to WGU on another thread for the link.)

Another poster suggests that Dublin City Council already has such a thing - though I doubt it includes the pension funds.

It would be a useful resource for a place such as this…

Funny the boys and gals on creative many years ago didn’t want to know. How things have changed…

Does no one have a copy of Thom’s directory?
It definitely has residential owners I remember looking up my own street. I can’t recall if it has commercial owners too?

Don’t forget the Royal College of Surgeons owns a good chunk of Grafton St - some within the institution as well as * some by associated medics

nice to have charitable status…*

If ownership data was freely available from the Land Registry / Registry of Deeds it might well have spin-off economic benefits. Compare this current article in Wired:
wired.com/magazine/2011/03/s … free_data/


While I love the idea as an avid kid sim city freakazoid… they already give you the data to their corporate cronies.

You think you data is private?


I for one welcome concepts as this would further along the reality of humanity as self organizing creative organisim for a greater purpose but this line between private and public will have to blur 100% for it to have any great benefit.

For me Jobs is a clever pretext :smiling_imp:

There is a big difference between owning the freehold and the leasehold of a property…one only has to look at the Pembroke Estate, the Darley Estate etc.

Whilst these in theory may own the property (ie the freehold) this value may be negligible as the value is in the leasehold which in some cases could be a 999 year lease at a nominal rent of a few pounds!!


Calm down

Charitable Status referred to the RCSI, not any associated consortia, thought that was obvious.

I thought I saw the college mentioned in the IT Commercial Property supplement not too long ago in relation to a transaction in the general Grafton St - area though I don’t recall if they were buying or selling

If they don’t own anything on Grafton St then I stand corrected, you have my humblest apologies; it’s hardly Jim Corr-esqe to mix up Stephen’s Green and Grafton St? Especially when dealing with non-core trophy buildings

I think it’s fair to say the RCSI has assessed a significant portfolio much of it at bubbly prices, which while not quite in the DDDA league now looks somewhat incongruous

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Is there any legal reason to stop someone putting a rip of Thom’s online? Is there anything copyright or IP in it?

Long story short, yes. Google database rights for a starting point. Then google James Boyle FT database rights and prepare to get annoyed.

mmmmmmmmmmm…let me see…WE JUST BOUGHT DUBLIN AND IT WAS WAY OVERPRICED… :sick: