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not a valid reason. ***********

you should choose a leader because you are impressed with his leadership skills and not based on whether you ‘like him’.

EDITED by TUG: Phoenix, consider yourself officially warned for that bit of abuse. It was downright derogatory to those who may or may not be of that persuasion, hateful and totally contary to the atmosphere we’re trying to create here.

You’ve sailed close to the wind on a couple of occasions but that’s an official warning contravene the rules or the spirit of the rules one more time and I’ll canvass for your removal from this site.

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Let me deal with the actual substance of your comment, I have very specific political views that wouldn’t allow me to vote for any of the mainstream parties. I personally don’t believe that there is any difference between FF, FG, LAB, Greens, SF, etc. Therefore I have essentially opted out of choosing a leader for this country in the sham democracy popularity contest what have you done for me lately politics on the doorstep held every five years or so.

I’m more interested in world politics than Ireland but you can be damn sure if I did have a realistic say in nominating someone to run the country, it damn sure wouldn’t be Cowen for a number of reasons.

I object to him principally on the grounds that he is associated with Fianna Fail, would you like me to go on because we will be here all day…

Furthermore, on a personal level, from what I know of him, I find him equally distasteful but like I said in my other post I didn’t really want to get into it. However, it’s my opinion and on this site everyone is entitled to their opinion provided they stick to rules and guidelines agreed by the admin team in the welcome forum.

A very good day to you.

Is anyone else tempted to vote FF just to they have to clean up the mess they created?

I usually vote independent.

I’d be more inclined to support Labour since I heard Joan Burton is at risk of losing her seat. She is so economically incompetent it makes me blush every time she opens her stupid mouth.

I would prefer to Fianna Fail because as bad as they are, some of the half-baked policies coming out of the other parties scare me. Its a case of damage limitation. But it really depends on who my local candidates are and how strong they are, haven’t really looked into it yet.


Remember she started banging on about the ECB raising rates on her website, and how the poor Irish family is suffering?

Is it only me or does anyone else turn off the TV/Radio when she appears. God she has the most depressing voice and all she ever does is complain, I have never heard her say anything positive about anything. I’d say she really loves being in opposition, it plays to her strengths.

Joan’s take on ECB rates - joanburton.ie/?postid=570

In all fairness, the vast majority of politicians don’t actually put their own views out there, let’s be realistic.

They are pandering to an electorate and telling them what they think they want to hear.

Mein Gott!

24 days to go.

I wish it was May 25th already!

Seems unjust to edit my post and then to accuse me of hate and homophobia without others seeing the actual post. I dont believe others would have found it to be so but would have seen it be have been in humourous context.

Ok, the unfotunate truth is that we cannot vote for anyone… the incumbents are crap but if the following is true then the Opposition is worse… much worse.

From the enticingly entitled About Joan section of her web site joanburton.ie/?sectionid=7

It gets better…

To be unfair to Joan it is not her job to get under my skin but man alive she does…

Go read the rules in the welcome forum, I’m not here to hold an open vote on what people may or may not find offensive.

The original post is on view in full to all moderators unedited in a seperate section, tis all completely transparent and you can clarify with any of the team.

If you cannot see anything unjust in accusing me of hate and homophobia without letting other posters (apart from moderators) see what my post was, then, this is not the site for me.

Funny how a site spawned by the censorhip of AAM is now falling into its own dictatorial editorialship.

I guess absolute power does corrupt.

Adios. Logging off.

I didn’t accuse you.

I made a judgement and the judgement was that the language you used was entirely inappropriate.

Good luck out there.

Dear all,

Was trying to split my posts with phoenix into a seperate thread but something went a bit awry and I think we lost a few good posts permanently.

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piqued my interest,

doees it have anything to do with lips and male anatomy

or perhpas his being from BIFFO land and the farms down there having sheep…

and anyhow, lets not quarrel, we’re meant to be bigger and better than that!

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Arf. phoenix_n throws his tows out of the pram again. So sad :cry:

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