Who's snooping on your Bloomberg terminal activity?

Wall Street Is Shocked: How Much Does Bloomberg Know? -> cnbc.com/id/100729453

REPORT: Bloomberg Execs Have Known Since 2011 That Reporters Were Using Private Terminal Data -> businessinsider.com/report-b … 011-2013-5

I wonder whether Bloomberg cover themselves for using data in their licence agreement? Ie is the data really private.

Analysis of non-personally identifiable ‘usage data’ is standard on everything really.
Every program you install on your PC, for example, would have a clause for this allowing usage data to be analysed ‘to improve our service’.
I’d be surprised if there wasnt something covering this already in place.

Users might have expected sales or tech heads to monitor usage / last login. Journalists on Bloomberg’s news arm are a completely different story.

The irony is that Bloomberg are complete ball breakers about slaving/sharing screens etc. oh and making users login with biometric ID (fingerprint sensor on keyboard)…

My understanding is that bloomberg contracts are ridiculously in their favour and they get heavy quicly if you step out of line. I have had experience of invoice going awry and the repo men are around looking for key boards etc very smartly