Why are estate agents so bad at marking property locations?

Why are EAs so bad at marking property locations on Daft, MyHome, etc., often getting the location completely wrong?

A) Incompetence? :neutral_face:

B) Apathy? :angry:

C) Trying to deliberately mislead? :nin

D) Drunk and/or stoned? BD 8DD

E) None of the above? :unamused:

They use auto-addressing software and don’t bother to check the output.

The house we’re buying is still on MyHome marked in completely the wrong place. By a “premium bespoke” agent. It’s hilarious.

Because they are mostly lazy, computer illiterate, incompetent fcuks.

Because they are at the mercy of Google Maps. If Google gets it wrong, how is the EA supposed to fix it, even if they did check the output? They’d need myhome.ie etc. to provide an alternate mechanism for mapping based on geo-coordinates, then they’d need to collect the coordinates and type them in.

Do Daft and MyHome not provide a map where the EA can simply click on the relevant house or co-ordinates to mark it as the property location? Not rocket science.

MyHome.ie says:
“We have a unique mapping facility. Our interactive map allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your property”

Daft.ie says:
“A pinpoint should appear on the property’s location. If the pinpoint is accurate, you can drag the blue pointer to the correct location.”

MyHome allows you to auto-map an address and/or click on the map.

It’s idiot proof but not EA proof. They’re a different class of stupid.

You can play with the MyHome UI yourself here:

account.myhome.ie/myads/propert … ngsToShare

You only need to confirm your mobile number (and create a MyHome account).

Do you need any qualifications to become an EA?

Yes - in fact only a minute portion of the population could qualify without having to do specific third-level degrees or masters. Those who do qualify would already be EAs presumably :smiley:

So I assume Joe Blogs EA …can hire who they want?
I could set-up Acme EA in the morning then …post a bond or something?

Estate Agencies’ principals must meet even more stringent conditions, regular EA’s working in agencies must at the very least hold a PSRA license for their field of work (sales, management, etc.). If you aren’t eligible to hold such a license, you could only work in an administrative role.

Hmm …I picked EA careers page at random (Sales & Lettings Negotiators)
…don’t see the License mentioned or Google Maps for that matter …high calibre bunch for sure :open_mouth:
In fact this could be a description for just about any sales job

A minimum of 2 years’ experience in sales or a sales environment
• Able to work under pressure within a target orientated environment
• The ability to work on their own initiative and generate new clients/ business
• Have good telephone manner with excellent communication skills
• Have excellent negotiation skills and be target driven
• Be motivated, enthusiastic and hard working
• Experience in use of email and Microsoft office
• Hold a full clean drivers licence and use of own car
• Be flexible to cover appointments outside working hours.

Well obviously I don’t know which agency you’re looking at but if you take a look at high street agencies such as Sherry Fitz, DNG, Lisney, etc. they will be very explicit about the requirement for applicants to be eligible to hold, or to hold, a PSRA licence.

Yeah I take your word for it …maybe the EA I looked at was more back street then high street …anyway turns out to get a Licence you need some quals …the links below …I found myself nodding off reading it

ttp://www.psr.ie/website/npsra/npsraweb … %20PSP.pdf

Its just carelessness. Same for spelling mistakes.

Amazed that many vendors tolerate this. If an EA did this to me, I’d be on to him within an hour to get it fixed.

100% agree …EA near me …seriously no joke …a 10yo could write the text better.


Daft etc can easily remedy this by asking for eircodes nowadays

And yes it is annoying, its almost as if they don’t want you to see the house, one often has to look into the “county” ads for “city” locations and vice versa

it gets worse if the house/land you are looking for is outside a city/town as addressing in this country is a joke

Both MyHome.ie and Daft.ie allow you to enter the address, it auto-generates a map and then you can move your pin to the exact location. You can even view via Google satellite image so you can spot the exact roof. There are no excuses.

The main reason many agents get it wrong so often is because they pass the uploading of properties off to a admin or assistant. They’ve never been near the property so don’t have a clue which one it is. Google frequently gets it wrong in Ireland so they just skip passed it. Particularly in rural areas its bad but it can get Dublin wrong too.

I always upload my own properties so the photos, map and description are spot on. It’s important to our clients so it’s important to me.