Why are so many 1st time posters saying they're buying??

I have noticed this happening quite a lot over the past few weeks. A first-time poster starts a thread saying they’re a long time lurker and they have finally decided to take the plunge! If I was a suspicious person I would say it’s coordinated.

This website is now established as a key influencer in the property market, many people have saved money by reading many of the threads on the website. It is probably regarded as a nuisance by many within the property industry.

Open Window - can I suggest that a minimum 50 post restriction be placed upon posters starting new threads. It would cut out a lot of the messing that has started in the last few weeks. It is bit too coincidental that it has coincided with today’s announcements :wink:

I dont know if a restriction is a good idea, may be interesting to see how much it is happening, if it is a conspiracy. I have noticed it though myself, and yes it is strange.

I’m delighted so many people are seeing opportunities and value.

I just wish they’d explain it to me.

I was talking to a Remax manager two years ago who claimed to have never heard of PP.

I have noticed the same thing, and the other type, I have been left a house by my auntie, should I sell it or move in?

They are distressed buyers.
Big hot wodge of money burning a hole in their pocket.

Maybe more with the buying public than the selling public :wink: There seems to be an organised attempt to ramp up the property market again. The big exposure of the Mullingar appartment sale on the Pat Kenny Show was probably the start of it. There probably is a hope that today’s announcements regarding the banks will also help kickstart the property market also.

Two years ago is a long long time especially with the popularity of internet as a source of information.

It would be interested to see the amount of new users joined since the start of the years alright.

I dont think its astroturf, I think its just the profile of the average lurker has changed.

A few years ago the pin was mainly a support group for those who thought the whole country had gone nuts and were glad to find that there were a few other people out there who had not drunk the cool-aid. Now there are a lot of very worried and frightened people out there and some have discovered the pin as the least worst source of objective information on what is going on.

The recent spike in WIW postings looks more like a potential dead cat bounce in the making rather than anything more substantial. There will be a few more dead cat bounces before the market finally reaches bottom.

Look at the calendar. It’s the one buying season that matters. Hormones, that’s what it is (male and female!).

A victim of it’s own success too possibly.

Think about it. The more people ask <“insert question”> the more hits the site will get when people type the same question into search engines.

Im not sure its a conspiracy, I think this country is just property mad.Scared to take the plunge, scared not to. Theyre just looking for someone to tell them they are doing the right thing.


And double yes.

Well maybe with the caveat that there have been a few shills posting here for quite a while but you can spot them easily in their cheap shiny suits and 06 SUV’s

It’s just poor oppressed lads trying to marshal evidence to show to their tyrannical property-obsessed wimmin that now is not the time to buy.


If it is, its counter-productive. They all get slapped down with lots of persuasive arguments (no lending, rental yeilds, international comparisons, incomes here vs house prices, interest rates, poor macro-economy, etc).

I think there’s a concerted effort all the time to “call the bottom” (e.g. At the turn of the year, it was “swallows in fancy areas of SCD” with stories of “competitive bidding” on million euro homes in SCD, etc, etc)


Absolutely true. As Yogan said, it’s that time of year. And although many people buying or thinking of buying property have their heads in the sand, there are many people on this site who never seem to up periscope. There are plenty of people out there willing and able to buy property who don’t give a flying **** about the pin. Occasionally a few will think twice and seek the opinion of the dark side. It’s only natural.

First and only post way back was a WIW. Did not buy in the end.
Anyone jumping in now thinking Nama has fixed anything is mad.
We are in a worst state and this has done nothing for workers in the country.
Save and relax. Lots of houses,apt,flats,sites for sale all over.

2 posts in four years! You have shown remarkable restraint.

I think the season point is apt. Plus when you google property now half of whats returned is links to the pin. the site must be getting enormous traffic now.

I stumbled upon the pin in 06,didnt have a clue what it was and moved on. Wasnt until late 07 that I found it again.

That’s quite enough of that. If you have an issue with a post, use the report function.