Why are so many apartments in the Irish Life Centre for Sale?

This one is for sale:

and this one:

and this

Why? Just wondering!

Couldnt pay me to live there.

I would imgaine it’s due to BTL investors / private landlords wanting rid while the going’s good.

Sell sell sell!

Cant Air B&B them due to covid so no point holding them?

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I think this is closer to the truth. Those apartments are not nice to live in - the visual aspect is crap. Access from the car park is intimidating. They did a good business as AirBnB for both the deliberate and ‘accidental’ landlords that used to own them. That business is gone. I think 250k is about as much as you could ask for them. As AirBnBs they were probably making 40 or 50 k per year so I wouldn’t be shedding any tears.

The actual answer is because Irish Life still owned five of the apartments (some of which had been empty and in limbo for years, and a couple had longterm tenants who recently died) and they eventually decided to sell them off and cut their last ties to the two apartment buildings in the complex. And as someone who has lived in them for many years, I completely disagree with some of the above comments - they are great apartments to live in!

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They all seem to have sold? Ads no longer there.

The management company is pretty unresponsive.
I would say that would be a reason.
There is mech noise from undercroft parking. Its a really big complex and pretty small apartments.
I dont think they can be rent it out cheap but noone can stay there for long.