Why are we prevented from bringing class actions ?

Class actions force settlements by large corporations .What are we afraid of ?
Who are the politicians afraid of ?


Pretty sure the law is what is preventing you. I don’t think the concept exists in law for class actions in the country.

But I’m willing to be corrected.

this place would go into meltdown at the unjust enrichment of lawyers
you can issue class actions here but need the plaintiffs to sign up
in usa (most states) anybody affected can be included unless they opt out

Could you sign up for a class action inside the US embassey?

Pretty sure you can bring a class action in the ROI…

1000 people doing a class action = 1 solicitor and 1 SC
1000 people forced to take indivdual actions = 1000 of each
Go figger…

(Taoiseach a solicitor and Lenny a barrister for what its worth - dont expect to see any radical reform there…)

Not as such. But their bewiggednesses sometimes permit such arrangements on an informal basis, provided you don’t use such gross American terminology as would offend their ludships’ sense of decorum.

Generally, however, the “test case” is how things are done over here:

accountancyireland.ie/dsp_ar … dwagon.htm

Exactly. You cant, really. But its for your own good. Nothing to do with featehring the nests of overpaid becostumed paid mouthpieces, no, not at all.

There’s nothing stopping de facto class actions. Simply sign up enough plaintiffs with causes of action arising out of the same facts. Lavelle Coleman (no affiliation) have a good track record with these:
lavellecoleman.ie/practice-a … gation.asp

As a lawyer, I’m not entirely convinced of the need to follow the US model of class actions - not least because the US model often results in limited gains to plaintiffs with the lawyers creaming off most of the payout, excessive burdens on defendants, and results which bind individuals who never had a chance to be represented before the court. Here’s what the always enjoyable Overlawyered has to say about them:

In thought you were a libertarian? class actions would imply a judicial system protected by a state and tax people to pay for it?

I thought there was no need for a state?

Excuse me ewd3.
A Libertarian is not an
Anarcho-Capitalist .

Why ?
Are you a fan of Molinari or
Spooner ? Small government or
minute government is better than
the coercive lunacy we currently
endure. Embrace freedom and
reject the indocrination .

hmmm, you might want to inform the wikipedians


never knew that about Libertarians before

I had it in my head that they just wanted an even freer market than the one in the US at the moment.

Probably a costs issue as it stands, each individual faces a costs order if the “class action” fails. I may be wrong but I think in the States each side pays their own costs regardless, here the costs of an action generally lie with the loser.