Why I won't let my children access MSM

I find it very disturbing that the MSM seem to have no regard as to potential immaturity and the difficulty facing parents these days. I cannot allow my children look at the news or read the news anymore.

I don’t like hearing that it is “shag week” in UCD on the way to school on SPIN (sorry but your children are outside our demographic target audience). Worthy topic to be sure but is this the way to discuss it?

Sexuality - I frankly could not give a flying fuck about what consenting adults do. If people want to call themselves married, good luc to them. Try explaining the concept to a seven year old. It is not possible as adult problems are being discussed widely in relation to matters that children do not have the maturity to understand.

So then my 11 year old asks me about this article

independent.ie/life/health-w … 41569.html

Again, best of luck to them. Is it worthy of coverage? I do not understand how this is “news”. It is obviously a sad story of two unhappy individuals trying to work things out. Does stuff like this need to be on what sets out to be a flagship for Irish media? Try explaining what is going on here to a kid and good luck.

And of course, the ever liberal IT weighs in in relation to the panti bar “iconic” sign. Considered iconic by Rory O’Neill that is…

irishtimes.com/news/environm … -1.2659381

I could not give the slightest piece of excrement about panti and his doings - whatever makes him happy. But why on earth does this adult shit need to be in the MSM?

At this point the whole transgender thing has jumped the shark, these people are suffering from a mental illness, if I was just a “normal” homosexual I would be a little pissed off with the whole LGBTQI nonsense, every time they add a new letter they plumb new depths of madness and stupidity, and worse these people have an agenda that they want to see pushed onto young children, they are starting to see clusters of children claiming to be transgender in the UK, they tend to be in schools with teachers who consider themselves to be “activists”


I pass the place regularly and have never seen anyone taking a picture of the place, this Panti idiot is a total gob shite

Whisht now Lads, or the Liberal Thought Police will be along to alter your prehistoric views

I see people projecting their own anxieties and conventions onto children and misrepresenting it as protecting them from vice. Young kids have absolutely no problem understanding sex and sexuality, they have to be trained that its scary or disgusting before they ‘realize’ that. Same goes for gender and identity stereotypes, they are trained about what’s ‘natural’ and to have prejudices about what is considered outside the norm or bourgeois convention. Protect your kids from YOU! It’s like the 1950s around here.

Have to agree I think you are overreacting a bit.

I overheard my 9yr old saying to my 5 yr old something about being gay. It went something like this:

5yr old: “whats gay?”
9yr old: “Its when a boy kisses a boy or a girl kisses a girl and they’re in love”
5y old: "oh ok, do you want to play pirates?’

Kids have no issue with any of this. Our old neighbours were a lesbian couple. I’m pretty sure my kids are heterosexual, but if they wernt it wouldnt bother me.

I’d have some issues if they were religious and if they were confused about seuality but I wouldnt fear stories like this. I’d more fear the kardashian stories for false body image or lifestyle expectations than sexuality.

As for gender reassignment, I do about 1 per month in my institution and I do great after lunch speeches if anyones interested.

In the early 90s you could read quite graphic accounts of rape trials at the bottom of page 4 of the Irish Times. There was no bye-line.

I used to read them as early as the age of 9 I think.

DD, Having three young daughters I strongly disagree that they have no problem understanding sex and sexuality. It is a very difficult topic for them coming to terms with the concept of sex and the broader issue of sexuality. I would never seek to engender any prejudices at all in relation to this. I sought to make it clear in my OP that I am completely liberal in relation to this. And to expand, if necessary, whatever consenting adults wish to do in pursuit of happiness I have no problem with that whatsoever. I have a problem of introducing the concept of sex and identity at an age where they are barely past dolls.

The school yards are a nightmare. Apparently Harry Styles is “the gay” whatever TF that means. It is hard for parents these days.

I was simply expressing that regardless of my personal liberal mores that the widespread discussion of mature topics and not very suitable for kids.

If Mantissa and TI are happy to discuss sexual preferences with they five and nine year olds, good luck to them.

As far as being exposed to sex and sexuality at a young age goes I find things like music videos a bit more disturbing. Back when the M in MTV stood for something it was fun to watch a few of the “dirtier” ones but these days I think it’s got very trashy. Also look at what Irish dancing has turned into.

Are you for real :open_mouth:

‘Generally recommended’ at dinner parties in the Leafy Southside perhaps

I’ll pass on that advise! I’ll let my kids be kids for as long as possible…they’ll have enough shit to deal with later in life, let them enjoy their childhood

What next…tell them about Santa by the time their 2 or they’ll be traumatised in later life when they ‘find out’ and may even sue their parents!

Maybe being a shotgun stroking father in the rocking chair on the front lawn in relation to daughters is different. There was no discussion of any of this by the age of 4 or 6. There has been few questions - and I answer any questions. Life is complicated and I do not think it is fair to throw complicated circumstances beyond sexual preference at immature minds. C’est tout.

With logic like that more like 1984. :neutral_face:

Have to agree with the age appropriate bit again.

I have 3 daughters so I have more than a passing interest in this. With my eldest after a few questions she always knew that the dad had a seed and the mum had an egg without going into the specific mechanism when one day we were walking and she saw two flies stuck together" I said that was the dad passing the seed to the mummy. she replied:
“thats ridiculous its not like a hole opened up in mum and you put your willy in there to put the seed in…”
Me “actually… that’s exactly what happened”
So I explained it.
I asked he a week later if she had any questions? it was so Meh to her she had forgotten the whole thing.

I think like death taboos, kids have t learn sex taboos. It only becomes a taboo when they learn the facts from someone other than their parent. I guess like the MSM or a friend.

my advice get there first.

Disclaimer: I am conducting an uncontrolled experiment with my own kids. get back to me in 30 yrs to see if it worked.

Clearly such it affects adults in exactly that way who then feel they need to protect their children until they are able to protect themselves as adults. To do that they must protect their children, otherwise… ?

@ Mantissa

Just keep your sprog with all his facts of life away from my and @Grumpy’s daughters I’m buying a shotgun and a rocking chair!!

You missed the point that the quote from the yard is that he was “the gay” not “gay” :smiley:

Let’s make a distinction between identity and sexuality. Panti comes in for regular sideways looks around here and I can only put it down to a discomfort with his identity and the phenomenon in society whereby the gays are fine until they start on about it, demanding rights and being public ffs. As to the age at which sex and sexuality is introduced, I think that the concept of it being ‘introduced’ is where this falls apart. Little children are obsessed with other kids whether in the human or animal kingdom. By the time a child is 3 or 4 they understand that couples produce babies and that females have eggs and males have seeds, etc. The actual mechanism by which they are mixed is, I think, the area of squeamishness. But believe me, that is coming not long afterwards. As for sexuality itself I think there are a lot of factors in play that girls in particular have to navigate. There is commercial female sexualization, porn which increasingly influences expectations and boys behavior, and body image/self esteem/perfectionism which are all very heavy weight on adolescent girls. Rather than protecting them from the tat on spin they need a crash course in feminism!

The key tools to work through this stuff are information and understanding consent and power. These are things that NEED to be taught to little kids, putting off this sort of education until a child is almost independent is way too late. I also think the reluctance of people to recognize kids sexuality and how sexuality plays out in adolescence is basically denial and incredibly damaging.

My OP was somewhat aggressive in relation to panti and I regret that. I found the IT article somewhat annoying as they went to the trouble of naming the objectors but none of the thousands of supporters. Which were referenced to where? Nowhere. That was not intended to imply any prejudice to Rory just reflected thoughts on crap reporting by the Irish Times.