Why is the Spring selling season off to a slow start?

Very little new inventory has come on the market of late and I thought the new selling season would have started by now. Are that many sellers listening to the Pin’s advice and holding out…or given up on selling?

Will the old traditional selling seasons becoming the norm?

I wouldn’t say that holding out for sellers would be prudent at all. Do you mean buyers holding out?

We’re looking in South Dublin. There have been next to no new properties added to the market since the new year. Why is this? Are things due to kick off later in the Spring?

Cause it’s still snowing outside.

And also cause it is driven by trader uppers… everyone is scared and there is no point taking a risk unless you really need to.

the 3rd week of Feb is hardly spring selling season. I am keeping an eye on south Dublin and properties drifting on a reduced prices.

e.g. daft.ie/1506011

Expect after Easter to be the push.

Don’t forget February is still classed as Winter in most countries :wink:

Ireland still works off the old Celtic calender.

winter ends on 20th of march… technically speaking and summer begins on the longest day of the yer

Why is that pink duck standing on one leg ? :open_mouth:

As far as I am aware the Spring Selling Season traditionally started in earnest the weekend after St Patrick’s Day.Though I would be surprsied if we see any significant additions to the market in 2010 - only a fool would buy now and only someone who absolutely HAS to sell would go on to the market now! So don’t hold your breath!

Except anyone selling now is going to get more than they’ll get in 12 months. And in all likelihood, they won’t get any better than now for 3-5 years.

And, not forgetting Executor/Divorce/Leaving Ireland - all these things will happen…there will be more supply