Why is the State not performing massive Capital investment?

The CAPITAL INVESTMENT PLAN 2016 – 2021 is here

per.gov.ie/en/capital-invest … 2016-2021/

Bond yields are at all-time lows, almost NIL. Why not borrow billions more and start building major capital items now when it costs nothing in interest and the Cost/Benefit analysis shows it will be well worth the return?


wouldn’t all that have to be off the national balance sheet.
and anyhow…
because we heard nothing from the investigation in to the biggest construction companies in the country sharing out the infrastructure projects amongst themselves. This was in the newspapers back in the second half of the noughties and then completely disappeared from view.
because you can’t build anything really big and useful without a PPP which gives connected individuals a path to instant wealth.
because all the competent engineers (and they do exist) are employed mostly overseas on projects where they actually get to complete the project rather than dealing with politics for the best part of a decade.
because the land on which the projects will be built are held by insiders and a politician who wants to drive through a project knows they will get negative press if they pay off the person who asserts right constitutional to ownership of the property they acquired just a few years earlier a-la jackson way.
build a new hospital and you are guaranteed a strike before unions allow their workers to move in.
build a national aquatic centre and you get the management company earning a small fortune from a public piece of infrastructure.

about the only thing I could see being done is building a prison is a rural area and putting good quality road surfaces on roads which are already in public ownership.

We cant even get a children’s hospital built despite the clear need, goodwill from just about everyone and funding

The only semi shovel ready projects that would really boost spend are Metro North and Dart Underground.

Politicians and civil servants are scared sh1tless of them because of the risk of cost overrun, delays and/or ability to leave no room for other ribbon cutting opportunities.

All this despite it being hard to find ANY public infrastructure in Dublin that looks like bad value after the fact. And instead we get more buses.

Scared of doing their job… absolutely fabulous, just great! Nothing to see here. All is good. Come back in 2050 when Ireland is the first former country declared as an entire world heritage site, since the population left a perfectly intact *19th century city.

*Most of the modern infrastructure and edifice has since perished having fall to a rare bacterium that feasts on pyrite and shredded paper leaving only colonial period structures in place… homebond!

Surely you mean 18th century; the already-powerful Georgian Society will surely one day cast down all this modern 19th century nonsense and require everyone to use horse-hair plaater forever more. Anyone caught selling double-glazing will be shot. With a musket.

uk.businessinsider.com/apple-tax … ?r=US&IR=T

You never know if Apple ends up having to pay, how much of this 19 billion will come to Ireland?

Funny how the most precious buildings of all were built long before the 1963 Planning Act!

I humbly apologise in double-triplicate. I was mixing up Banking crisis metaphor given to me by a leading economist… 18th Century it is with some megalithic outposts/theme parks.

Yes and that is the point. Well spotted. Painfully lost on the majority of planners and various invested groups, politicians, build professionals. They ignore the one collective bock that would make their life so much easier, unless of course they leverage their plan with some flat brownies.


Taoiseach wants alternative option for Metro North

rte.ie/news/2018/0501/95958 … -varadkar/

I can’t imagine it taking more then 12 months to build a cut and cover tunnel on there. They would’nt even have to demolish buildings.

Why is Leo asking them to move the line while not speaking to the engineers themselves on mitigation?

Why don’t the planners defend themselves from this interference?

I’ve been to watch our local team play Na Fianna in a ground out by the Airport which has about 8-10 pitches which they own/lease. We’ve played them in Johnstown Park. There are pitches in Albert College Park up the road from their club house. There are pitches in Poppintree park. Setanta have pitches up from Albert College Park. I’ve seen them play in St. Kevins too. I’m pretty sure a few bob from Metro North to Na Fianna would help them finance the rent of pitches from Setanta, Kickhams and Erins Isle for a little while.

It’s probably my old age but I can’t help but think this is a bit of a shakedown for a few bob from the Metro project above what they’d normally get. I could be wrong but of all the clubs on the Northside I think Na Fianna are one of the strongest organisationally and materially. I can’t see the loss of their clubhouse pitches destroying their club.

The engineers will get paid a massive variation to change the scope of works, they’ll be happy to stay tight lipped.

I’d be questioning why we should put a public transport route through such a low density area at all - we should be routing it through areas of high density housing. If they are not high density than they should be made so - perhaps the best solution is to relocate Na Fiannas fields to a more suitable location and put up apartment blocks on the current grounds. The Metro link should be a four track system with a Rapid Link minimal stop service to the Airport in the central tracks and commuter service on the outer ones - otherwise we will end up with the same mess that we have with the Dart and Arrow services mixed in with the InterCity services. Or the mess that we made of the M50 - having to widen it later. This country does not do planned infrastructure - it does piecemeal disconnected projects which leave the country in the mess that it is currently in. It’s fair enough to have a vision of a Dublin with 1.4m people in it but if you don’t plan the infrastructure to realise that vision you will end up with the situation that we currently have. The pressure points at the moment are housing and transport - but there is nothing there for Schools, Hospitals (we need at least one more) and Retirement accomodation - no one will even consider them until there is a first class crisis. The Government was warned about housing in 2010 and they have still done nothing about it.

This is a country that thinks its good to spend 800 million a year on ODA while running a budget deficit for nearly a decade.

You don’t need infrastruture when you are driven around in the bus lanes by your driver.