Why isn't electricity cheaper?


Just when they shut the peat generating stations. Wasn’t that why the PSO levy was brought in?


Isnt it just?






Physics Today: Investments in privately funded fusion ventures grow.


$700Bn apparently.
You keeping up?


Angry callers to Liveline break the news that the PSO levy has jumped, along with unit prices

The levy for last year was €38.68 a year including VAT, but will rise to €88.80 a year including VAT for the 2020/21 period. This is the second highest the levy has ever been since it was introduced in 2010.

As well as an increase in the PSO levy, customers of Electric Ireland, the country’s biggest electricity supplier, will also have to contend with a 3.4% increase in the unit price of their electricity, which will add around €35 a year to the average annual bill. This comes into effect on the same day as the PSO levy increase.

The regulator had no regard for the pandemic, people on PUP and the businesses which are locked down.




What happens when you let Green ideology take over energy production…

When the wind is not blowing, renewable generation of electricity is at a low output and if sufficient support is not available from the UK across the inter-connectors, Ireland’s national grid is vulnerable.



Interesting dashboard - anything for the sodden isle?


The nearest thing here is http://smartgriddashboard.eirgrid.com/



7% of the source of the electricity is withdrawn, and the system operating close to generation capacity.


Science is great isn’t it.


Seems they have enough stock til 2024. No more peak briquettes after that :sweat_smile:


Recently on a presentation for waste to energy investment, all overseas, planning/NIMBY’ism/snouts in the trough really seem to kill/massively delay anything similar here, whilst the UK Nordic countries steam ahead.

Seems to solve a lot of issues per MW -v- anything else, pollution, landfill, energy all impacted by these plants.

Obviously it was a sales presentation and ultimately all that matters is the yield for client at the end of the day, but it definitely seems criminally underexploited here.





The coal costs 3 times more then last winter. Heard from the friend that Russians are canceling contract willing to pay penalties instead of delivering.

Oh. One more thing. Do you remember last year them complaining about power shortages and grid near death because of Christmas lights on the houses. Sure charging all them electric cars will work all right.


Can anyone explain why we closed turf buring plants in the midlands, which was a local natural resourse and created employment where there is little else, before we had our needs sorted elsewhere?


Green Ideology trumping logistical realities.

The same Green idiots that hounded many of us into diesel cars 15 years ago are back in charge, they also knocked the LPG facility in Tarbert and no doubt due to the latest IPCC missive are scheming to get rid of Irelands cows.