Why isn't electricity cheaper?


What kind of maniac thinks power shortages are a winning election strategy let alone a program for energy security, "we need to create the problem we solved in the recent past because…"

These are the actions of an enemy within the walls.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 BC – 43 BC

Don’t let their plague in your house, mind or body.


At some point the Greens will have to allow more natural gas generation and build a LNG terminal, we can’t keep growing the population and adding electric cars to the grid and not build new power plants, it can’t all be wind, it just won’t work


Eamon Ryan has a solution, collective ownership of a small pool of cars or spot rental like go cars… He was on radio talking about how a village could get by with 10% of the current number of cars if they pooled them. It’s less and less of everything with the greens.


Less for you not for me. Vide Barry Soetoro Martha Vineyard party.


Curious as to whether people have bought small generators or power batteries in case there are blackouts? If so, any thoughts on brand (ecoflow, Jackery, bluetti) and whether to get a small solar panel to plug into it?


All I can recommend is to try to live without it.

Liquid fuel generators - you won’t be able to get any diesel if the power grid is gone.
Solar panels - the live time is 10 years. Then the efficiency drops. Storage batteries and all them things have limited live, too. I’d say somehow they will be able to disable the function of it remotely.

What I do is: cold showers - start in the summer time, much easier, never feel tempted to take the hot one in the winter because you won’t be able to come back.
Keep the temperature inside as low as possible. Turn down by 1 Celsius every month to adjust your body. I can easily survive without heating with windows open in the winter. Doesn’t go below 10C in Ireland. Get yourself some Irish Wool jumper. 10 euro from the charity shop.
On YT plenty of tips how to preserve food. Drying, jaring and pickling (through natural fermentation).
Start with cabbage. Sour cabbage is the easiest one. Cost you nothing if spoiled.
Then do beetroots and apple vinegar. The natural bacterias, yeasts and whatever else in it will repair your guts. Do sour milk as well. Get unpasteurised and not homogenised from the farmer. Take the cream away, use it for Irish Whiskey and let the rest sit in the room temp. When it clots add some fruits and drink it. Again strong guts needed, the fast food connoisseur might end up in the toilet for a day at least.
And learn how to collect wild plant around you. In the worst case scenario you can always juice some grass, pick nettle tops with seeds (great soaked in some good beer) and dandelions.


And don’t buy into the Preppers thing of storing the likes of rice, macaroni, water.
Water from the plastic is poisonous. Learn how to filter water from the stream next to you with sand. Get some solid silver container to store it (antique auctions) and silver spoon for stirring. Free coloidal monoionic silver, antibacterial, and fiat invested in presious metal, the real money.
The pasta is loaded with gliphosat and heat medium is required to prepare. Low nutritional value. Rice even worst.
The raging hordes will rob the storage anyway, so what’s the point.
As I said before… wild food around you. Plenty of info on the Internet. As long as we have it…


You obviously have never done any actual disaster prep. Or lived through serious natural disasters. Everything who wrote is complete and total garbage. You havent a clue about the subject.

Do you have a realistic 10 / 14 day, you’re on your own, disaster prep supplies in your house? I have. For many decades. Do you rotate out the water every 3 months? Its second nature for me by this stage. As is rotating out all the canned / dry goods supplies. Do you have the tools to turn off the gas and know how to throw the master breaker? Do you always make sure you have Go Bag in the boot of your car? In all your cars? Have you planned exactly how to bug out if you have to leave at very short notice? Multiple routes in case bridges are down. With all you need. Know the relevant civil defense procedures? Like NERT?

But there again I have lived most of my adult life either sitting on a major fault, by a volcano, at the edge of a wildfire zone, or ten blocks from a tsunami evacuation zone. So I’ve had lots of practice with the disaster prep lark.

In the real world disaster prep is mostly just keeping an extra month or twos supply of what you normally buy, buying dual use camping / disaster prep supplies, and planning before hand what you would do in various relevant disaster scenarios.

Most of this prep is very applicable to social disruption scenarios too. My main problem back in February 2020 when I did my prep for the current unpleasantness was the fact that the scenarios I had been prepping for over the decades were far more serious than the worst case scenario back then. Which was the IFR actually was 2%, the R0 was > 3 and the attack rate was 60% plus. After doing prep for a worst case scenario of a 7.5M earthquake a pandemic is pretty straight forward. For a start you do not have to plan for what to do if the house collapses around you in the middle of the night. Thats why you keep a crowbar beside the bed. And a torch. And shoes.

Thats what real prep looks like.


As you are likely just dealing with brown outs and load shedding then camping type gear should be good enough. And you can use it for camping too. Although back in the 1970’s when ESB strikes were common we seemed to survive with candles, a gas cooker and a battery powered radio.

If you want to do a little basic disaster prep then probably the most practical and pragmatic information can be found on sites like The Organic Prepper. None of the fantasy “Prepper” stuff there and mostly just practical low key discussion of gear to us and approaches to try. Although Selcos stories of life during the Yugoslav Civil War in the 1990’s are always very informative. And no BS.


Good for you. Great advice from Discovery Channel and corporate sponsored YT “preppers”. Big money for corporate boys in this market same as health supplements owned by Big Pharma.
Your canned food which you rotate every so often have no nutritional value. Same with any other processed food. Water stored in plastics will cause accumulation of toxic BPA components in human body.
I know how to gather fresh food from where I’m and that’s the knowledge I’ve been building for years.
Following the advise of the officials in the case of emergency? Well, so shall we follow NPHET or however this bunch of depopulation branch is called. If everyone is running the best way is to stay still.
Did YOU ever lived through the real food shortages? It was never experienced in the Western World in the last hundred years.
I did. For the likes of 10 fucking years. While your shops were full and you could stock up to do your bogus commercial prepping.
We would know by the word of mouth the town 30 miles away was stocked with fresh bacon. People would leave the jobs to hop on the train to get there. With ration coupons.


I don’t foresee food shortages in absolute terms or an extended timeframe being an issue in Ireland given that we produce enough to feed ourselves five times over-nobody’s going to starve to death. The main problem we could expect is a lack of variety and unavailability of citrus fruits etc, but given that I grew up when things like rocket or red onions were considered a bit fancy and products like hummus or tacos didn’t even exist here, I think I’ll manage.


I don’t think so, yes the efficiency does drop, but its far better than 10 years, after 25 years a good PV system should produce 80% of the power it produced the day you installed it

But its possible to build a battery system that can last for decades, its pretty easy, you just build a pack about 25% bigger than you need, that way you can keep the state of charge close to the middle of the pack, that keeps battery degradation to a minimum

As for prepping in general, I like to keep at least a month supply of canned food, soups ect in the house and a small camping stove at the ready, candles and some LED torches are a good idea


There is only one little problem. Huge majority of Irish farmers are jabbed. Who will cultivate the land if blood clots, graphene, spike protein, immune deficiency, 5g and whatever else they have in the menu for us kicks in?


I would have enough for a year if I added the wild food. No cans thou.
Regarding energy: have you ever looked at The Tartaria Empire, free atmospheric energy, antigravitation, mud floods?
Start with Martin Liedtke, British researcher . Great channel on yt. Then move to Russian Channels. RusNet has a lot about alternative history. Most of them would translate


Who knows. The old energy technology might be given back to us after the Great Reset is completed.
The Injections are nothing more but the intelligence tests. With all the informations passing through the Internet it’s not that hard to figure out what’s going on.
The Cabal controls every platform and every device. Still we’re able to communicate. A lot of informations are being censored but nothing radical really.
Quite possible that NWO might not be a bad thing. Just move back from the Corporate Capitalism with huge environmental impact it produces.


I’m trying to grow some lemon/orange seedlings now…


I have: tent, sleeping bag, cold (& wet) weather clothing, hammock, foldable shovel, camping gas single ring, camping cooking stuff, also camping gas heater, small solar for iPad/iPhone, candles, water butt (With a silver thingy in it), a lifestraw travel bottles, some food stashed away.

I am under no illusions about my ability to stay alive if real SHTF though… more from the point of view of personal self-defence. I’m urben with all around me unaware and happily jabbed, unfit and my mental health took a hit this year (pandemic & work) so I haven’t moved down country… although I am practicing growing things and have some seed packs & fast growing sprout packs just in case.

So it’s mainly just just wondering about a back up for brown outs. A generator would be noisy in urben area, yes? If things really go haywire, eep :grimacing:


In fairness @jmc I believe the comments were more along the lines of living with less convenience, soviet bloc rural style.

@Diana Yes noise, and then you are the only one in the neighbourhood going brrrrrr… depending the what level of mad-max scenario (and depending on the relative civility of the hood) you might be relieved of that quickly enough or you might be able to offer a service.

So I think we need ot split all this into the prepare section I set up over a decade ago! :joy::rofl:


Ah I was right! Carry on. All knowledge is knowledge.


Aldi were selling small generators (Scheppach sg1400i) may even have some left. But it’s the noise plus then getting the fuel. Why I was wondering about an ecoflow river or delta with or without panel. Pricey though.

Have 4-5 of those solar garden lights too. Again, cheap in Lidl right now, or garden stores.