Why isn't electricity cheaper?

Compounding mistakes, or not setting a precedent.

There is always a third option.

In case of emergency.
€350m / 24 engines = €14.6m each
450MW / 24 engines = 18.75MW each
€777k per MW.

Not comparing apples and oranges here but €6m a year pays the fines for keeping a 60MW windfarm open in Galway. Seeing as we’re in an emergency that is.

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Why haven’t we reopened the turf burning plant in Shannonbridge? Surely much cheaper and as good for environment as these generators will be

Science and reasons.

Sounds like pre-deployment of NATO kit.

It begins. You have been asked to flatten the peak energy curve. Stay at home. Don’t use a tumble dryer. Don’t have a cup of tea.


Grid warning for UK issued tonight but later withdrawn

China have helped their energy security by signing up to a 27 year deal for LNG supplies.

Corrib gas starts running down in just 2 years. Natural gas supplies 30% of our energy use.

What’s our plan for energy security after 2025 Eamonn Ruin?

Investigators are also looking into whether the burglary was related to sabotage at a local phone distribution branch in Manching located around 1km from the museum, which paralyzed the telephone network and the internet, thus preventing the alarm system from notifying authorities.

Crime will be another problem we have to deal with when the lights start going out.

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Subject to how much coal power can be brought out of the grid reserves and how much gas will or can be used for electricity production (think new EU storage guidelines!) the continental grid will run at a large deficit in 2023 despite us assuming 1.5% less electricity use.

More electricity shortages coming.

You couldn’t make it up! Wouldn’t touch one…

“and cheaper again if they can avail of smart meter rates.”