Why would anyone think reasonable price??

I’ve just joined this website, so forgive me if I sound a bit naive. I’ve looked at a good few of the threads on various property subjects.

I purchased my first house (Kildare area) 4B semi in 1996 for £62k, now I understand that we’ve moved on financially since then (i.e. wages increased, etc) - but I still can’t get my head around anyone believing that it would be reasonable to pay over a quarter of a million euro for said same house now (this is not even to mention what it escalated to in the peak)!

When are Irish people going to cop on and start being realistic! We’re not millionaires so why oh why do people believe they are getting a ‘bargain’ cos its 50% less than in peak times - what about its original value???

When the last rich fool is gone from the market there will still be some sellers waiting around for a rich fool. Hope is a strong emotion.