Why you've already missed the boat as this property cycle...

haha thats funny, dont u realize rising prices are a sign of strength that we have turned the corner blah blah

Sounds to me like this might be a job for this guy.

Cometh the hour,cometh the man.


We have no BANKS and we must reduce the overall mortgage books by an annual €2-3bn in for every €1bn out and for the next 10 years.

We face well over €10bn of writeoffs too. So where is this FLOOD of money coming from eh ???

I thought of this guy as I read the Irish Times page, a real blast from the past- a woe is me FTB who claims investors are snapping up all the properties with their greater financial firing power

herald.ie/news/as-house-pric … 38541.html

The hed-ald… 2nd prong of this latest PR property price pumping pincer movement.

Call the Pindoctors! :wink:

Missed or not; this boat will be bobbing in choppy waters for a while yet!

I saw that letter, what was the purpose of it? Why not just post it on a forum like this, at least he might get some sympathy/replies - is he the FTB who time forgot??

As for the indo article, why do they bother? Unless they believe that we actually talked ourselves into the recession and that maybe this article will be finally be the one to help us talk ourselves into a boom. God love them, if only it was that simple!!

I make no apologies for wanting to wretch over such poor journalism - and again another pumping story on the front of the Indo.

Certain indicators are positive for the market - a lot more negative. What is interesting is that many more Irish now question the facts on these matters. The comments section gives me hope - but I fear the mammies of Ireland are out panicking their sons and daughters.

Indeed. It’s like he fell asleep at a party in 2007 and someone only woke him up now. There’s a lot wrong in that letter but it hardly seems worth pointing it out.

But just a quick point on the issue of Mortgage Interest Relief and other forms of ‘incentive’. These incentives do not benefit the purchaser. They actually benefit the vendor. They allow the purchaser to secure a higher amount of debt to purchase the house than would otherwise be the case. When this incentive is removed the sale price has to decline by a similar amount. It is interesting to note that it was estimated on this forum that MIR was worth about 5% on the value of a property, well more than the current bounce.

Yeah…and take a look at page 3…
hthttps://www.independent.ie/national-ne … 38798.html

Casey noted that “history shows we are very good at resilience. Next year there are going to be jobs, there is going to be a future, salaries particularly for young people have been hit but young people are here for the long term.”

Young people are here for the long term?
There aren’t 111 of them (yes…one hundred and eleven) leaving every day?
(irishcentral.com/news/Irelan … 23265.html)

Remember she campaigned FOR the fiscal treaty last year? Now she’s preaching about europe not doing what it should and government needing to change its ways blah blah blah…

On the flip side if you read this article in full, the headline doesn’t reflect her true message.

(I’m not denying that I dislike this woman greatly, but that’s not that relevant here.)

In truth, John Drennan (who wrote this piece) has manipulated what Norah was saying to suit the Independent’s vested interest in talking up our prospects in the hope that the sheep amongst us will take the bait and start buying property, changing our cars, booking that holiday etc. etc.
Norah’s real opinion seems to be: Be optimistic but cautious.

So my beef is not with her, its with the propeganda that this newspaper has been increasingly responsible for doling out to Joe Public, especially in the last few weeks.
My greatest fear is for those sheep amongst us who would actually swallow this bait and make foolish, life-altering decisions based on this muck journalism.

Smart ballsy guys are also seriously at risk from exposure to such articles but sadly no one seems to care about them. :cry:

sorry rimbaud!

150,000 mortgages in Arrears. Is that around 10% of habitable stock one wonders.

And also stands at just over 50% of the existing stock of empties.

Blue Horseshoe

Oh My God what an utterly depressing and inane article.

I was reliably informed by my old man today that things are getting better in Ireland because house prices are going up again. Fucking pathetic listening to him regurgitating this shite. He has one house that he will live in forever, is retired, bought it in the early 80s for fuck all and paid it off 15 or 20 years ago. What difference does it make to him.

There are no facepalm pictures adequate for this. Its just pathetic and embarrassing.

Lets get daul pump & dump machine up an runnin again, but shure it worked great the last time dint it, until dem LeeMans Brudders fecked it all up. Somehow…

That’s the Indos game plan.

No. They expect no more Irish Times in 2 years time and that
Their Property Supplement is the only game in town. Simples really. :slight_smile:

Unlike the times the Indo will NOT hire Frank McDonald to ‘balance’ the property porn. :smiley:

For a place that (rightly) prided itself on evidence based analysis, this place has got a whole lot more emotive and whole lot less informative once the market stopped behaving ‘correctly’.

And is there a correct way to respond to an irrational market being pimped by an irrational government and an irrational media Vi?