Anyone feel like updating the wikipedia page for the Irish property bubble?

It’s way out of date - it quaintly still has arguments suggesting that the bubble does not exist

Couldn’t be bothered myself to be honest but somenone might have the inclination … e_of_2000s

Leave the site as it was as a reminder to future generations, like those curse warnings above the pyramids or the signs to be put on top of nuclear waste dumps. Actually, I recently removed all traces of I removed all the content in early 2007 mainly because anyone who still believed in the infinite bubble at that time couldn’t be convinced otherwise and everyone else didn’t need to be reminded. I like this forum because it’s general enough to allow sharing of information, not only that there is a bubble, but what to do about it.

As an aside, someone needs to do a psychohistorical analysis on pre and post bubble perceptions of the plight of the jumping fish in the fishbowl photo on that wikipedia site.