will bank refuse mortgage?

I’ve been sale agreed, my second, since early October, and loan approved for over a year. After months of pre-contract queries I find myself in the following situation. House has had some internal modifications and driveway. Vendor has failed to send certificates of building compliance. No planning permission for the driveway. Survey has recommended remedial work to an attic conversion but no alarm bells ringing. Does anyone know if the bank is likely to refuse the mortgage on this basis?

I’d say your solicitor is more likely to refuse to complete the sale. Mine wouldn’t let me sign contracts until I got a certificate of compliance from the previous owner for an extension they did. Delayed things by weeks but they got it in the end.

Op, semi similar situation.

We had a house with a 15 sq m utility room built at back of garage and adjoining the house, the rear of the utility extended past the rear of the house.
The vendors solicitor had sent the cert of compliance but the arch who signed it said that in his view it wasnt exempt as it was to the side however it had been in place so long and a lot of other houses on the road have the same thing, it was non actionable.

Solicitor flagged it to us as a possible concern, however we were happy to proceed (we wont be moving again) and will likely be building a proper extension in a few years so this would be coming down.

It had been with the bank a while ,but when we went to draw down they threw the red flag up.
We got an arch out to take a look, in his view 99% of other arch’s would sign it off, however he wouldnt overule the other arch.

Solicitor gave us a few options, the most common it seems is to get discount, advise bank and say you’ll furnish retention within 6 months or so.
Bank said no…

In the end the vendor applied for a section 5, so the council come out and say whether its exempt or not.

I had some very bullish phone calls with the EA as the vendors (Executors) were unwilling, however once we turned up to a few viewings held by other agents at the same office, the EA got them moving :smiley:

We also got some cash off

Refuse to complete??

He’ll do what you tell him so long as it’s not illegal. Else he gets fired.

To update. The bank approved absence of PP for driveway subject to some conditions which could have been met. Vendor repeatedly refused to give Certs of Building Compliance, then gave ultimatum, then withdrew the house. Back on sale the following day. Out on my ear again. XX

That sucks :frowning:

You can search online for planning applications and the outcomes. I started doing that routinely when I was house hunting. I did avoid bidding on a couple of places as a result of what I found.

Happy to give the address and details of the survey to anyone looking in Glasnevin with a budget of 300k.