Will Bernanke Scoop Up $50 Billion Of Ireland's Toxic Assets

Will Bernanke Scoop Up $50 Billion Of Ireland’s Toxic Assets? Fine Gael Seeks MASSIVE Loan From U.S. Fed → dailybail.com/home/will-bernanke … ets-f.html

UPDATE 2-Irish opposition party warns Europe on banks - By Carmel Crimmins → finanznachrichten.de/nachric … ks-020.htm


It nearly seems like a cycle of history is repeating itself.

I’m thinking of how after the 1982 general election, FG under Garret Fitzgerald formed a coalition government with Labour under Dick Spring.

And how Fitzgerald felt that close contact with the US government was necessary to ensure sympathy and support for the negotiations his government were about to enter with the British.

Fitzgerald went over to the US and made an inspired address to the joint session of Congress in early 1984, talking about the links between the two countries, and the investment that was needed, and NI of course. In my opinion (from my impressions of the speech he made), it was this address that played a large part in the much greater American investment in Ireland during the late eighties and nineties.

Now, in these financial negotiations with Europe, it seems like FG are looking to enlist the support of the US again?

Pretty smart I have to admit. I wonder can Enda pull it off. I hope he doesn’t try his shouty thing over there if he does get the chance.

Meaning, of course, the precise opposite, and it’s encouraging to see the ultimate Eurofederalists, FG, finally growing a set of balls.

We have very few cards left to play. The subtle threat to unilitarelly remove ourselves from the European project may be one.

Curious - why would they just cough up $50bill -? What do they get in return ? I mean you can seek - but not always get…

If we have 50 billion dollars of assets can we not just sell them?