Will Covid-19 deaths lead to increase in housing by end 2021?


It’s been a crazy time since March 2020. I’m trying to look for some positives to come out of this mess.

Are we expecting a supply of housing to come on stream higher than normal due to the deaths from Covid-19? Or is this only slighty higher than the average deaths for over 80s from old age, winter flue, etc.?

Looking at the stats, latest is up to 8 May 2021 due to the ongoing HSE IT attack

page 2 shows

Characteristics Number of Deaths Percentage
Age Median Age (Years) 83
Mean Age (Years) 81
Age range (Years) 0-105
Age group <25 yrs 7 0.14%
25-34 yrs 13 0.26%
35-44 yrs 33 0.67%
45-54 yrs 88 1.79%
55-64 yrs 266 5.40%
65-74 yrs 765 15.52%
75-84 yrs 1665 33.78%
85+ yrs 2089 42.38%
Unknown 3 0.06%
Total 4929 100.00%


Just a reminder that when the CSO looked at earlier HSE mortality numbers late last year they downwardly adjusted them at least 40%. And thats just the CSO. I’m pretty sure when the numbers are properly analyzed (if ever) the actual number of excess deaths from viral pneumonia with SARS CoV2 as primary infection in the period 2020/03 to 2020/09, the actual pandemic period, the excess primary cause deaths are unlikely to amount to more than 15%/20% of the normal mortality rate from pneumonia / influenza and other infectious upper repository illness. Which are usually in the 5k to 6k range.

This is the first pandemic in history where the normal morality rate from infectious upper repository illness has not been added to at least 3x or 4x by the epidemic illness. In all countries will reliable data available the annual morality rate per 100k is within the 10 year range. And there were only two or three months were the seasonal monthly mortality rates was above the 10 year range high.

So looks like a classic textbook example of a casedemic.


HSE are reporting deaths again after the cyber attack but the weekly numbers are not back up yet